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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opera Browser for All Devices

ShoutBloger: Opera Browser does not want to miss the recent Mozilla has lounch Firefox 4 for mobile phone and Microsoft released the faster and safer (IE 9). Opera hopes to assert its status as the best browser by providing the latest version, Opera Mini Opera Mobile 6 and 11, which runs on eight different operating systems.

Recently Opera enrich the availability of Opera Mini browser by introducing 6 for Java-based devices, Symbian, Blackberry and Android. While Opera Mobile 11 can run on Android operating system, Symbian, Meego, Windows 7 and Maemo.

Opera Software Product Manager Phillip Gronvold revealed, Opera has released 14 new versions that can run on 8 different operating systems. We have developed a whole new version of this since two years ago. So far we did not talk much about our new product development but now we want to use the time to tell the biggest update of the Opera, he said on Thursday March 31, 2011.

Opera brings some updates on new Opera browser, among other features pinch-to-zoom, scrolling easier and share function that lets users instantly share information to social networking or email.

Although available for a variety of new smart phone, Phillip asserted that Opera did not forget the old device. Moreover, the old type of mobile phone owners are still very much.

Many people have old phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson mobile phones China or the old model. Your phone may already be sold or discussed as much as before. But the fact is there are approximately 5.4 billion old phones in circulation worldwide, Phillip said.

Therefore, besides presenting the Opera Mini Opera Mobile 6 and Opera Mobile 11, Opera also updated Opera 4 with version 4.3 for the old model of mobile phone users.

It is very exciting for us to present this version for mobile phone kind of old. Because we do not want fast internet experience can only be enjoyed by owners of high-end devices, concludes Phillips.

Google Launches Feature +1 to Challenge Facebook

Google soon make its users to find search results more personal by introducing Google features +1. Her presence and challenging features of 'Like' who first introduced by Facebook.

Feature +1 button to be tested in a limited number of users starting today. Feature +1 Presence allows users a wide range of recommendations more specific search results to a friend by clicking on it.

Our goal is for you to get the most relevant search results as quickly as possible, wrote Google product manager, Rob Spiro in Google blog, quoted by the Los Angeles Times, Thursday, March 31, 2011.

He said, relevance is meant here is more of a relationship than the words on web pages. That's why Google recently integrating search results with social networking.

More information from people who are known by the user, that information is shared via Twitter, Flickr and other similar sites, he added.

Feature +1 button will appear to the right of search results link. To be able to use this feature, when accessing the Google search engine, users also must sign Facebook for a Google account.

When the user likes a site that you visit, they can just click the +1 for dividing it into their friends list Gmail account and other Google services. Because it is still in trial, not all users can use this feature.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

J-Lo New Song Test via iTunes

ShoutBloger: Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) involve fans in J-Lo Facebook fans page to hear a new song titled I'm Into You in iTunes.
After hearing the song on iTunes, fans can choose the 'Like' on J-Lo Facebook fans Page to give notification of their favorite song. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable on Thursday March 31, 2011.

Jennifer Lopez and record label Island Def Jam, announced the plan on the J-Lo Facebook fans page under the title 'Like for Love?'. The page already includes 30-second video clips. So far the song has received approximately 2 thousand Likes.

Jennifer Lopez fans can also share a link on that page to win J-Lo new album 'Love'.

This is not the first time an artist offers a new song Facebook Like. Previous Lil Wayne also offer new single exclusively through Facebook.

But to maximize the promotion, Jennifer Lopez seems to still have to recruit more fans as a 'virtual campaign team' because even with the help they can print an success artist's.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Windows 7 Phone Predicted would Beat the iPhone

Android and Windows 7 Phone (WP7) is predicted to be most popular mobile OS in 2015, according to research firm IDC. If you view the good performance of Android, this prediction is reasonable. But quite surprisingly are approximate WP 7 will sit in the runner-up and arrested the Apple iPhone.

IDC predictions for Windows 7 Phone (WP7) market launch in 2011. According to research firm that is respected enough, as many as 450 million smartphones shipped in 2011, up from the previous 303.4 million in last year.

For the market share in 2011, Android is estimated most popular with 39.5% power. In second place is Symbian with 20.9%. Then Apple iPhone IOS in occupying the top three with 15.7%. BlackBerry and Windows 7 Phone (WP7) trailing the next sequence with a market share of 14.9% and 5.5%.

Figures for 2011 are probably not too surprising. But if you view the prediction of IDC in 2015 there was a shift large enough. Android is still in power with 45.4% market share. But second place was taken Windows 7 Phone (WP7) with 20.9% power.

Thus, Windows 7 Phone (WP7) is predicted to beat IOS in 2015 is expected to only get a market share of 15.3%. Another big name that the BlackBerry got 13.7%. While Symbian is expected to almost vanish. According to IDC, the surge Windows 7 Phone (WP7) in the year 2015 is due to support its partner, Nokia Windows 7 Phone.

The alliance they combine the capabilities of hardware Nokia and Windows 7 platform Phone which has a differentiation. In 2015, IDC expects Windows Phone into the operating system number two in the world, behind Android, said Ramon Llamas, senior analyst in IDC Mobile Devices Technology and Trends.

Of course all the numbers were still in the form of predictions and still may change in time. Similarly, as reported by Cnet on Wednesday March 30, 2011.

Finally Mozilla Lounch Firefox 4 for Mobile phone

ShoutBloger: After the successful launch of Firefox 4 in which more than 5 Million Times at First Lounch. Mozilla finally released the official version for mobile phones based on Android and Nokia Maemo, Wednesday March 30,2011. Firefox 4 for Mobile phone is available in 10 languages.

This Firefox 4 browser can hide the browser controls when not in use, so users can surf the Internet with a larger screen display on their mobile phone.

As reported by PC World, Firefox 4 mobile provides more advantages than other browser for Android. One is the Awesome Bar will display the user's favorite pages based on the frequency of visits. Not only that, the Awesome Bar also features a built-in interesting and supports Firefox plug-ins.

Advantage Firefox 4 mobile others is an option to save web pages in PDF format, directly from the browser. This feature is clearly a major advantage for Android users are mobile when they want to access their content offline because it does not have an internet connection.

Android users also can perform efficiently in a single search page, adding a search engine and share information through a variety of social networking. Through Firefox add-ons, users can save an HTML page as a reading list, or use the Awesome Bar to do a post to Twitter.

Hot News Lenono Tablet PC Finally Released in China

ShoutBloger: After the publication of news about Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) will launched worldwide in June 2011, Chinese computer giant Lenovo LePad finally launched in his hometown with hopes of competing in the tablet market is still dominated by Apple iPad.

Carrying Google Android OS, Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) released in China on a special event for local media, Monday March 28, 2011 at local time. Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) will start selling directly to consumers LePad China this week, through its retail stores.

While sales to other countries will be next June. Lenovo spokesman explained Jay Chen was quoted as saying Straits Times, Tuesday March 29, 2011.

In a statement Lenovo claims, this year they also is working on mobile Internet devices business and build a special division, which is Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group, to be more competitive.

Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) first introduced in the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas last January. The tablet has a color screen with a size of 26cm and will be connected to the internet using 3G or wi-fi.

In China alone, the models are equipped with wireless technology LePad wi-fi with a capacity of 16GB, will be priced at USD673. Currently, Lenovo has not been willing to divulge the official launch date Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) globally.

Lenovo still reluctant to divulge exactly when Lenovo sold internationally. However, pre-orders for Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) can be done since 16 March.

Amazon App Store Better Than Android Market

ShoutBloger: Continued from news about Amazon launch digital content storage, Amazon strives to be the best app store even beating Android Market which had already led the app market.

Adding more features to make the Amazon App Store better than Android Market. One advantage is the availability of application services that allow users to try before they buy it.

This feature, called Test Drive, allowing customers to try to do the first test on applications they want to purchase. This feature is far beyond anything offered by the Android Market. So that was reported by TG Daily, Tuesday march 29 2011.

It highlights how Amazon much more clever in selling the product. While Google can do a great job in creating the software and come up with brilliant ideas, Amazon is the king in the world of consumer sales.

From one day, Android Market has become one of the most disappointing feature in Android due to lack of organization and search features. Since Amazon began offering Android applications through its own online portal, even though consumers have been flocking there, and some developers even decided to release their applications exclusively on third-party platforms.

The preview of the application, perform certain Used to offer 24 hours. That is, if you pay for an application and decide within the next 24 hours that you do not like, you can request a refund. Then remove the feature.

Monday, March 28, 2011

LG Manufactures Google Nexus Tablets

ShoutBloger: Google reportedly is preparing its new product Google Nexus Tablets produced by LG. 

So far, Google operating system is always used as a platform for other tablet vendors. After launching a smartphone with the same name, Google is believed to feel the need to produce a tablet with its own brand name.

Launched by Cellular News, on Tuesday March 29  2011. Russian bloggers, Eldar Murtazin who also wrote on the site Mobile Review, claimed to have strong evidence that LG has been given responsibility by Google to produce Google Nexus Tablets.

Earlier Google had to approach with Samsung and HTC to produce Nexus tablets, but they refused to participate, said Eldar Murtazin.

Unfortunately, continued Eldar, tablet, Google Nexus Tablets will be armed with Android OS version 2.x, which is used  OS for smartphones, will not be able to be upgraded to OS version 3.x, which is destined for the tablet. OS 3.x it is commonly called the Honeycomb.

The tablet, which likely will be named Nexus T, is scheduled to be rolled at the end of this year. Most likely his presence will coincide with Android OS latest version, known by the code name of Ice Cream.

New YouTube Beta Version with Animation Maker

ShoutBloger: Online video site YouTube, has launched a beta version which animation maker features, which allows users to create videos on YouTube without having to record it first.

The new features help users to make more moving pictures on YouTube, with three options available video maker. Similarly as quoted by the Inquirer Monday, 28 March 2011.

The first two options, Goanimate and Xtranormal Movie Maker allows users to create animations with images and text.

While all three devices, Stupeflix, allowing users to create a slideshow video that contains images, video clips and music. This feature can be used to make product advertising.

These devices previously available at independent sites, but the integration with YouTube makes it easier to use. YouTube Party in the future also plans to add a video maker tool on their site.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apple Develop Location Based Social Networking

Apple Seems to try to develop location based social networking service. The proof They were the resource persons Preparing a similar service for Their IOS based devices.

Sources at Apple said that, Steve Jobs company team was revolutionizing the mobile technology industry to fig computing, after the PC era is over. Maps team is developing something extraordinary to combine our mission to improv the way people Interact with the maps and location based social networking services as reported by Apple Insider, Monday, 28 March 2011.

As usual, the source did not disclose detailed information, except That the IOS Maps Application Developer will from work with the team userinterface for new and innovative features to IOS devices.

Clearly the Cupertino-based company Hopes to follow the trail Facebook Places. In 2009 Apple Bought Placebase, to Compete with Google Maps, and Poly9, online mapping company from Canada. Poly9 create interactive 3D maps in the browser.

Also the company has started using its own database for a location for IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad previous versions of IOS Than That Rely on databases of Google and Skyhook Wireless.

However, Apple still depend on Google for Maps and Street View in Maps application native IOS.

Hot News Amazon Launch Digital Content Storage

ShoutBloger: Amazon was reported prepared to launch a digital content storage services next week. CNet reported on Sunday 27 March 2011.

Reportedly the Amazon has been talking with a number of music labels and movie studios to release digital locker that allows users to store music, films and books in Amazon servers. Although still have to take care of the necessary permits, it could be a discourse will be published before the negotiations actually completed.

Amazon seems to really strive to compete with the popularity of Google and Apple. Last week, Amazon launched the Android application store (Android AppStore) which features nearly 30 categories of mobile applications such as books, games, social networking and music.

Prior to launch, store this application has been highlighted following the claims that Apple does not accept the Amazon use the name store application. Because the App Store so far has become a trademark for Apple.

Some parties indicated, the reason is because Amazon launched a service that company based in Seattle plans to release Android based tablet. However, Amazon declined to comment on speculation.

Google Begun Testing Google Music Service

ShoutBloger: Google employee reportedly has begun testing Google Music service. Today is a new service available to their internal environment.

Google Music is a music streaming service from Google. As quoted from TechSpot Sunday 27 March  2011, when this service began to be accessed by employees of Google.

From the technical side, the service was reportedly almost ready. But Google main problem is a matter of musical content in it.

Google also reportedly is negotiating with a party label. But Google's efforts were reportedly still encountering many obstacles.

Google does not just ask for a license to distribute songs. They want to provide cloud services that enable subscribers belonging songs stored on Google Music servers.

Similar services are also reportedly being discussed by Apple through its iTunes. There has been no word whether Apple had to get licenses.

If Google has so entrance into the digital music service, the label can be a party that wins. This is because of Google will compete with Apple and label ammunition in the bargain. There has been no official statement from Google about Google Music service.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook Places Push Up Foursquare User

ShoutBloger: The emergence of Facebook Places features did not dampen the interest of the community against the Foursquare. One of the Foursquare founder, Dennis Crowley claiming if users share the location was actually more than doubled since Facebook Places launched.

Launch Facebook Places does not affect the growth of Foursquare. We actually doubled the number of our users and now reach 7.5 to 8 million registered users, according to Crowley said to the Telegraph, Sunday 27 March 2011.

Facebook introduced a Facebook Places feature that allow users to check in at locations such as bars and restaurants as well as share information on their whereabouts with friends last summer. That feature was touted as a major threat to the Foursquare, which was launched in March 2009.

But Crowley insisted, Foursquare still has a special attraction in the eyes of users as they offer different services from Facebook Places.

I believe that the Foursquare offer something completely different than Facebook Places. Facebook very nice for users to share online. While good in facilitating Foursquare offline activity after a user has to share their location online, according to the explanation.

According to Crowley, the average user Foursquare check in three times once, namely during lunch, dinner and drinking with friends.

Yahoo Develop Hadoop Mapreduce 2

Looks like Yahoo is clean to improve their services and make it the best Search Engine in the world, after word got out that Yahoo will be added Yahoo Real Time Results features.

Latest generation of Apache Hadoop Mapreduce 2, a software implementation of processing petabytes of data, will be out this year, said a Yahoo executive told News.com IT.

Todd Papaioannou, Vice President of Architecture Yahoo to Computerworld this week saying that the current iteration Hadoop Mapreduce 2 apply less able to manage resources effectively thousands of servers in a cluster.

So developers are working to improve the use, scheduling and resource management.

For example, a new architecture that will include global Resource Manager that will track the availability of the server scheduling invariant when Application Master operate in clusters and track program semantics for a particular job, the literature of Yahoo developer Arun Murthy in one blog post.

According to Papaioannou, Yahoo currently contributes about 70% of the looping code Hadoop and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Earlier this year, Yahoo Hadoop Mapreduce 2 stop distributing its own and began working closely with the community because it can draw the Apache Hadoop open source community to help the developments, said Papaioannou.

Together with Apache, Hadoop MapReduce using iteration, a programming technique that comes from Google, to build parallel programs by using Hadoop, MapReduce allows data processing in parallel.

"The next generation HDFS will be more resilient and reliable. We hope to put it together in a launch some time to come. It is a test of cooperation with the entire development community," said Papaioannou.

Yahoo just launched a new project called H Catalog which is a metadata table management scheme Hadoop.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sony Ericsson Campaigns Go Green Through GreenHeart

ShoutBloger: After the previous Sony Ericsson announced that they ready to launched 9 Android Smartphones. Apart from trying to display the latest technologies to its products, Sony Ericsson also provides friendly smart phone environment in the portfolio of pride, GreenHeart.

Profile GreenHeart pioneered by Sony Ericsson C901 and Naite GreenHeart which was launched 2010. Followed by Sony Ericsson Elm, Hazel and Aspen. Not only the smart phone products, accessories Extras was not immune from GreenHeart concept.

Sony Ericsson is using recycled plastics to mobile phones and accessories GreenHeart. Not only that, the paint used is water based so it does not endanger their users. Sony Ericsson also ensure the use of the material free of harmful chemicals such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), beryllium, bromine and antimony.

In addition, in these product lines, Sony Ericsson uses a battery charger that is efficient energy so that the charging time can be faster by 40 percent, and automatically stop the flow of electricity if the phone battery is fully charged.

GreenHeart packaging product line is also more compact because the company is headquartered in London that provides e-manual that has been embedded in the smart phone in order to reduce paper usage. Sony Ericsson also includes a number of applications and accessories that promote the go green concept.

Finally, as a form of commitment in preserving the environment, Sony Ericsson held a program of collecting and recycling smart phones that are no longer used.

For their GreenHeart campaign, Sony Ericsson managed to receive the award Greenbang Awards in 2010 and then as the Best Cross-Organisation Sustainability Effort to GreenHeart his portfolio.

This year, Sony Ericsson Aspen was also named the Greenest Smartphone by Greenpeace at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas last January.

Next April, Sony Ericsson is ready to launch the latest product of a series of its mobile platform Android, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. Carrying the latest version of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Neo Xperia also included in the series GreenHeart portfolio. In addition to using recycled plastics to cover behind him, the operating system Gingerbread also ensure better battery management so they can save electricity consumption.

Samsung SmartPhone Apps Downloaded 100 Million Times

ShoutBloger: Samsung announced that its application store has crossed 100 million downloads since the service began with a smartphone Samsung Wave in June 2010.

Since its launch, the Samsung smartphone apps grew rapidly with 10 million downloads in the first three months. 10 months since launch, the Samsung can be proud that their application has been downloaded 100 million times.

Cellular News reported on Friday 25 March 2011, some of the most downloaded applications including games Magic Torch, Need for Speed Shift and Asphalt 5. Applications for transport and navigation, such as the London Traffic and Ndrive France are also included in the list of most popular downloads.

Furthermore, Samsung revealed if the most downloads come from France, followed by Germany and Spain. The three countries responsible for 40 percent of downloads in the store application.

Senior Vice President of Media Solution Center, Samsung Electronics claims to Kang hyun Kwon, a Korean company is hoping to repeat the positive trends that have been shown.

We anticipate the possibility of applications Samsung will experience rapid growth in 2011, especially with a variety of different devices that will blast, he said.

With a consistent increase in service and choice of applications with high quality, we will continue to offer the service range of applications that are optimized for smartphones to Samsung, according to Kang hyun.

Currently, Samsung is providing more than 13 thousand applications in its marketplace, which in fact is increased six fold since the launch of the first time.

Question Features Newest Features of Facebook

After a few weeks ago Facebook buy snaptu and launch Facebook chat apps for BlackBerry. Facebook continue to provide features that can spoil Facebook user.

Facebook released the renewal of the features Facebook Question, after conducting tests for a year in beta.

The new version of the feature Facebook Question takes the focus of public questions, the services have been dominated by sites like Quora Q & A and instead focused on the demand for recommendations from friends.

There are many places you on the internet to ask questions of people you do not know but only a few places that can be counted on to get a response from your friends, said Adrian Graham, project manager of the Facebook Question, as reported by Mashable Friday 25 March 2011. We think that this is the step where we have to focus, he added.

The latest version will be launched to test team first. When they start asking, the feature will automatically be pushed to their friends on Facebook. So that later their friends will give you an answer.

Baidu Search Engine Use Anti Piracy Technology

ShoutBloger: Baidu China's biggest search engine, soon introduce anti piracy technology for document and product books. The technology plan began to be used this May, a response to criticism that Baidu addressed to him.

Quoted by Reuters on Friday  25 March 2011. Baidu has been considered to have been negligent in dealing with copyright violations that go by in one of its products Baidu Library.

Baidu which controls 70 percent of the search engine market share in China, says this technology takes time and research for four months starting this April tested, before being officially released on 1 May 2011.

This technology not only allows Baidu Library systematically reduce the content that infringes copyright, but also enables the automatic rejection of this content, Baidu spokesman said Kaiser Kuo.

This became a good first step for Baidu, given the giant search engine in China is already very long face lawsuits and the various criticisms regarding copyrighted material.

Within One Month MySpace Loss of 10 Million Users

Video sharing social network site MySpace lost 10 million unique users within one month since the beginning of this year. Similarly, recent data obtained comScore as reported by the Telegraph, Friday 24 March 2011.

Following news of sale, MySpace lost 10 million unique users during January and February 2011, down from 73 million users to 63 million over the next four weeks. Yet at the same time last year, MySpace had reached 95 million unique users.

MySpace parent company, News Corporation is still trying to remove the social networking. Earlier this year chief executive Mike Jones said that if MySpace would lay off approximately 500 staff worldwide and close some of their international offices.

Myspace struggle against his rival Facebook more popular than porn site, which now successfully gathered more than 600 million users around the world. Unfortunately, despite having done a variety of savings last year, MySpace still have to rack my brain to cope with financial losses.

MySpace loss of  USD100 million in the first quarter last year. To get back on track competition they require a strong investment. That is something that is not ready made by News Corp. because they have other priorities that must be met. Instead they should even continue to spend money to continue its business while it is in operation, according to a senior company official digital.

November 2010, Jones claimed if MySpace is no longer position themselves as social network site as well as a direct rival to Facebook. MySpace tries to focus on content and music concerts that are the root of the video sharing websites service.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

India will Block Dot XXX Domains

ShoutBloger: Decision of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in approving the domain Dot XXX ratified for porn sites is not welcomed by India. The local government has determined to block a domain which was passed last weekend.

Some time ago, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has finally approved the establishment of domain Dot XXX domain to distinguish between content that contains adult material. PTT, which is responsible for managing the domain Dot XXX mention the presence of this domain as an important moment for Internet technology.

Following the decision of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), India declared itself as one of the countries that are ready to block the domain Dot XXX.

India, along with a number of other countries of the Middle East and Indonesia, domain reject it since the beginning and we will continue to block that domain because it violated the IT Act and laws in India, according to the testimony of a senior Indian Information Technology Ministry was quoted as saying The Next Web , Thursday 24 March 2011.

Vivek Sood's lawyer claimed the cyber affairs, this step is less effective because of adult content could still be accessed via another domain such as "Dot com" and "Dot in ". A number of internet activists and observers also believe in cyber law, domain Dot XXX would facilitate parental control and the company of children and their employees.

Samsung Introduce The World's Thinnest Tablets

Samsung Electronics, the world's number two handset manufacturer, introduces the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet sailed 10.1 and 8.9-inch tablet PC claimed as the thinnest in the world today.

Samsung's latest tablet PC is presented in the exhibition of international wireless communication association (CTIA) 2011 in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday local time Wednesday (GMT), as reported by ZDNet.

Two newest Samsung Galaxy Tablet has a thickness of only 8.6 millimeters, thinner than Apple iPad 2 previously mentioned are very thin with a 8.8 millimeter.

Phones to be thin that is, which is physically distinguished by the same 10.1 inch screen size, which was launched at the Mobile World Congress last February.

The two latest tablet PC thin nan is run with Honeycomb 3.0 Android operating system, and became the first tablet PC that supports TouchWiz to applications for tablet latest UX.

TouchWiz UX is a panel that can be costumise by users with different content, such as pictures, bookmarks, also feeds social networking. There is also a facility that provides access to applications that are frequently used to facilitate multi-tasking.

Amid the emergence of two new tablet PC product, Samsung is also bothered by the rumor that the company still saves a lot of inventories Galaxy tablet unsuccessful due to the sale.

In a Reuters report citing an online media MoneyToday stated, market rumors that the inventory Samsung Galaxy Tablet still in number several hundred thousand units have made the Korean company's shares were under pressure recently.

Tablet Samsung does not sell well, so maybe the company should reduce prices aggressively to compete with Apple iPad 2 have.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Latest Features Yahoo Real Time Results

Yahoo continues to follow the search engine competition by offering brand new feature that will display real time search results.

In the coming months, Yahoo is ready to add a trial version of Direct Search on the entire property with a search box. This feature will predict what the user searched through every letter you type in search box before finally displaying a series of search results dynamically.

This is not just a collection of links. This feature displays the images and data you been looking for, with more intelligent and faster, said Blake Irving, chief product officer, as quoted by the Straits Times on Thursday 24 March 2011.

In launching this feature we focus on showing the direct answer, not the search results pages. We redefine the search process and show a direct answer, said Shashi Seth as senior vice president of search and marketplaces.

Search Direct is a proof that Yahoo continues to lead innovation in search, enabling people to act more quickly, discover what's important and give examples of what can be generated on the next search technology, added Seth.

Direct Search This trial version will be displayed to users in the United States first. Meanwhile, Yahoo users in other countries have to wait longer.

4 Myths About Nuclear Energy

ShoutBloger: In the aftermath of the tragedy of nuclear disasters in Japan, Such concerns arose about this unlimited energy.

The reason for this is, nuclear power is still causing pro and cons related to the threat of nuclear radiation that caused when it exploded and leaked. Concerns are increasingly becoming, after the danger posed by the leaking of nuclear power plants in Japan, due to the earthquake and tsunami.

Here are 4 myths about nuclear energy, which often develops in the community. quoted by the Washington Post on Thursday 25 March 2011.

1. The biggest problem with nuclear energy is the security?

Safety of critical issues, such as the nuclear tragedy in Japan which makes it even more clear. But over the years, the biggest challenges for sustainable nuclear energy is not a safety, but cost.

In the United States, new nuclear construction has been slowing even before the crisis at Three Mile Island partial in 1979. The last nuclear power plant completed in 1996, but construction began in 1972.

Today, nuclear power is far more expensive than coal or gas fired electricity, especially because nuclear materials are very expensive to build. Estimated cost of these materials reached $ 5 billion. An MIT study in 2009 estimated that the cost of nuclear energy production (including construction, maintenance and fuel) is about 30 percent higher than coal or gas.

Of course, cost and security are not related. Concerns about safety led to extensive regulatory approval process and increase uncertainty for developers to plant calculations.

2. Nuclear power plants into weapons to terrorists.

It's easy to get scared about the terrorist attacks on nuclear. After the September 11 attacks, a cottage industry emerged menjasi a threat, with analysts never imagined way more gruesome and creative-that terrorists could attack the nuclear energy facilities and free up large consequences.

Of course there are real risks: nuclear expert Matthew Bunn of Harvard University have shown that terrorists are planning teror attacks.

But in fact much more difficult to target nuclear power plants than one might think, and the terrorists will have great difficulty replicating the physical impact.

This also would be difficult for them to break through the dome of concrete and other barriers that surround the U.S. reactor. And though the attacks have been attempted in the past, most notably by Basque separatists in Spain in 1977, but did not cause extensive damage.

3. Nuclear power is the key to energy independence.

When people talk about energy independence, they think about oil, which we mostly used in vehicles and industrial production. When they talk about nuclear, though, they think about electricity.

More nuclear power means less coal, less natural gas, hydroelectric power less and less wind energy. But if we begin to put a nuclear power plant in our cars and semis, more nuclear will not mean a little oil.

This is not always the case during the heyday of nuclear power, the early 1970s. oil is a source of great power, and nuclear power increase is the real way to push oil out of the economy. Unfortunately, we had to replace virtually all fossil fuels in power sector, the opportunity to replace oil with nuclear power is lost.

4. Better technology can make nuclear power safe.

Technology to improve safety, but there will always be risks with nuclear power. Japanese people amid the current crisis using the old technology that increases their vulnerability.

Generation of reactors would be cooled passively, meaning that if the backup power failed as had happened in Japan, the leak would be more easily avoided.

But what happened in Japan reminds us that unexpected vulnerability that can not be avoided in any system that is very complex. carefully engineered to minimize the possibility of disaster, but can not eliminate them.

Operators and authorities should ensure that they are ready to deal with unanticipated failures even as they work to prevent them.

Firefox 4 Downloads 5 Million Times at First Lounch

According to the statistics page on the official website Mozilla firefox, Firefox 4 has been downloaded more than 5 million times in 24 first time of its release and has now reached 11 million more.

Until this story was written, the existing counter figures show 5.755 million downloads, which is derived from the euro area (2.5 million downloads), which followed from North America (1.6 million downloads) and the Asia (1 million downloads). Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Thursday 24 March 2011.

These results clearly leave much competition that was launched earlier  Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) that has been downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours of launch time.

4 presents the final version of Firefox 4 in full CSS3 and HTML5 support, display user interface that has been redesigned, the tab for the application, asynchronous for different devices, a feature that allows users to organize tabs into groups.

Before launch Firefox 4, Mozilla released the first beta 10 version and a release candidate (RC).

The first beta version of Firefox 4 was launched on 6 July 2010, while the release candidate (RC) Firefox 4 was launched on 18 March 2011.

Finally Facebook Buy Snaptu

Finally, Facebook has bought web a special apps to access mobile smartphone social networking, as part of a plan for the world's largest social networking is to expand its mobile services.

Up will provide 70 million dollars for the service, based in London UK, according to Israeli newspaper The Marker Calcalist and was quoted as saying by Reuters.

itself, in its official page acknowledged the deal was expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

Jonny Thaw Facebook spokesman, refused to inform the content of the agreement but said that as part of Facebook, a team of web and technology they will make our mobile network, the better.

Up continues to expand mobile service to more than 200 million Facebookers worldwide. In the last week up to preach had recruited an employee of Google Inc. to lead the process of acquisition and merger of them.

Snaptu which was established in 2007 is a special service for mobile phones that have the ability under the smartphones. Using any mobile phone web access to social networks like Facebook without the need for major operating systems such as Android or BlackBerry.

LinkedIn.com netted 100 Million Users

After LinkedIn launches social news service a few weeks ago. Social networking site for professionals  LinkedIn.com managed to break the 100 million users. Achievement is inscribed within 8 years, or since 2003 LinedIn launched.

Nevertheless, the surge of new LinkedIn.com users felt a year later. Because in 2009, users of this site is still listed at number 55 million.

But near the end of 2010, the numbers are growing rapidly with netted 90 million. Until finally in early 2011, the number of users exceeded 100 million.

When viewed from its scope, the site normally used to sell themselves in the sense of professionalism in the profession is already used in over 200 countries.

Brazil became a country with the most rapid growth of LinkedIn.com users. Domestic users of Samba has recorded growth of 428% last year. In second place is Mexico with an increased 178%.

LinkedIn.com is a site for professional workers. Noted, quoted from PC Magazine, on Wednesday 23 March 2011, eBay, Amazon, Apple and Cisco into a company where many employees engaged in LinkedIn.com.

While viewed as a segmentation, the industry ministry controls 20% of your existing account at LinkedIn,.com followed by financial and technology sectors that each hold 9% of the account.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google Finally Get a Patent for Google Doodles

After waiting for nearly 10 years, Google finally wins the patent over its Google Doodles on Tuesday.

Patent entitled System and methods for enciting user to access a web site is intended to protect the system to change the logo to get in touch with special events. Co founder of Google, Sergey Brin referred to as the inventor of the system. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable.com Wednesday 23 March 2011.

Given that Google is a big company, a patent on Google Doddles might feel a little bit excessive. But remember, Google have also been patented a design site that is almost empty in 2009 ago.
Google Doodles Calendar made to celebrate several special events and birthdays of some scientists and artists.

The characters who never made a Google Doodle, among others, Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Rabindranath Tagore, Louis Braille, Percival Lowell, Edvard Munch, Nikola Tesla, Béla Bartók, René Magritte, Michael Jackson, Akira Kurosawa, H. G. Wells, Samuel Morse, Hans Christian Ørsted, Mohandas Gandhi, Dennis Gabor, Antonio Vivaldi, Jules Verne and others.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nokia Windows 7 Phone Launch Before 2012

Nokia smart phones to ensure that their devices based on Windows 7 Phone will be launched this year at the latest, not to wait until 2012.

Indeed at that time Nokia Stephen Elop Chief Executive told the Times of India that the first smartphones  running Microsoft will be sold in 2012. But Elop admitted it was time he felt under pressure to deliver it much earlier.

Launched by Eye Tech, Tuesday 22 March 2011, so if you have to wait for 2012 to bring the Nokia Windows Phone 7. Because the current mobile operating system competition getting tighter.

A few months ago Nokia announced cooperation with Microsoft to immerse its products use the Nokia Windows 7 Phone, Symbian platform as well replace them.

Windows 7
based products this smart phone will go on sale in the market in 2012, according to a representatives from Nokia Ollia.

Ollia added that Microsoft is not the only partner of choice for Nokia. Nokia insists, many other companies also showed interest in cooperation with the Finnish smart phone manufacturer.

There are Microsoft, Google and our other options. Beyond that, we still have other enthusiasts, said Ollia.

Facebook and Twitter will be Banned in Europe

The existence of Facebook and Twitter in the European region certainly is a bit disturbed. Because the two social networking sites are ignoring regulations in areas such blue continent.

According to the European Commission (UN) Facebook and Twitter is considered one of the rules do not comply with European law, concerning the protection of personal data. Both companies according to the UN, does not provide protection to its consumer.

To be effective, data protection rights have to be really enforced," said a spokesman for Viviane Reding European Commission VP, as reported by the Telegraph on Monday 21 March 2011.

Every company operating in the European Union (EU) must comply with the rules, he added. New rules will apply, regardless of where the site or the data is located.

There is no exemption for providers of third country citizens control data, including social networks from the U.S. who have millions of active users in Europe, they must comply with EU rules, he said.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

IPad 2 production affected by the Japan Earthquake

After Apple launched the iPad 2 gadget a weeks ago, Apple had difficulty obtaining the key components to create a new flagship iPad 2, due to the natural disasters in Japan Tsunami.

According to iSuppli research institute, as quoted by Reuters, several key components iPad2 was supplied from Japan, including the battery and flash memory used to store songs and video.

iPad 2 battery, which is special because it is very thin batteries, manufactured by Apple Japan branch, and using highly sophisticated technology that are only available in the country.

Disturbance logistical means Apple will have difficulty getting the battery and they may not be able to get supplies from outside Japan,  iSuppli wrote in his report on Thursday 17 March 2011.

The production process in most factories in Japan have been suspended after the country was hit by an earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale and height of 10 meters followed by tsunamis that left more than 5,600 people dead.

Toshiba Corp, for example one manufacturer of NAND flash memory used by iPad 2 gadget, has closed the plant a flash-memory production facilities in Japan and has set off alarms will face challenges in distributing products.

Apple launched iPad 2 in the United States last weekend and reported that cross her latest tablet computers selling well, selling nearly a million units in just one week.

Until now the waiting time for booking online iPad second of four to five weeks. While Apple declined to comment how the condition can interfere with their delivery.

Tuesday 15 Marh 2011 Apple announced it would delay the delivery iPad 2 in Japan because the country and our team over there is struggling to recover from the whipping disaster had just happened, said an Apple spokesman. He also denied the postponement was due to component shortages.

Facebook More Popular than Porn Site

According to Hitwise Experian, the UK's largest social networking site, Facebook more popular than porn sites.

Experian Hitwise, which is the site of the internet researcher said on its Web site in January, that Facebook has a number of 12.46 per cent of all online traffic in the UK. Similarly, as quoted by the BBC on Saturday 19 March 2011.

This figure indicates that there are 2.4 billion hit from all Internet traffic. Then as the ratio of entertainment sites, including pornographic sites, are computed at 12.18 percent of overall traffic.

This is the first social network site beat the entertainment in terms of popularity. Up was calculated to have 56 percent of the total number of visits.

As social network sites compete with each other, a lot of users are also present in various places on the internet, said Robin Goad Research Director of Experian Hitwise

One in eight people leave the social network site to visit other sites after that. Up as an example, is a key source of traffic for many social network. While nearly one-fifth of people leaving Twitter to visit other social network sites, said Goad.
This hot news comes after Facebook announced more than 30 million in the UK have signed up as members.

Hot News Finally Domain Dot XXX Ratified

Hot News, Institute for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has finally approved the creation of a domain address Dot xxx suffix xxx for porn sites.

8 votes in a vote of existing members, with four members abstained. Bertrand de la Chapelle, a member of the board of France, confirmed his choice Dot xxx.

While Katim Touray, one member from the Gambia, voted against address domain Dot xxx and do not agree with the perception Chapelle about Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Claiming that that should be built by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), rather than have to deal with the problem addres domain Dot xxx.

According Touray, certain government demands to increase international controls over the Internet and want Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to do it.

Steve DelBianco, vice chairman of the ICANN Business Constituency policy coordination and NetChoice executive director, expressed the same sentiment.

However  PTT, which has been in charge of managing. addres domain Dot xxx, called the decision important moment for the Internet technology.

For the first time there will be a clear web address domain for adult entertainment, out of reach of minors and as free as possible from fraudulent or malicious computer viruses, said Stuart Lawley Head PTT, as reported by TG Daily, Saturday 19 March 2011.

We believe consumers will be better prepared to make a purchase on the address domain Dot xxx,. Safe in the knowledge of those payments would be safe. Tens of thousands of adult entertainment site owners recognize the business benefits of addres domain Dot xxx, he said.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Facebook For Blackberry is now Attending Chat Features

Facebook apps now available for BlackBerry will be adding some interesting new BlackBerry features in their services. One is, the additional features chat with fellow members of Facebook.

Earlier application is this socio networking sites rely on text and photos to Facebook users in the BlackBerry smart phone. Now with the presence of userinterface will vary with the renewal, which unfortunately is only for BlackBerry OS 6.0.

According to the RIM, as reported by the Tech Tree, on Friday 18 March 2011,  the new BlackBerry features such as chat up, control the Navigation, bar Notifications, improving notification and userinterface newer and simpler.

Facebook for BlackBerry Beta v2.0 is currently available is listed in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but only devices running BlackBerry OS 6.0 only.

Some new features in Facebook for BlackBerry Beta 2.0 are:

Facebook Chat, with a set of status online, users can chat with friends up and also receive push notifications. Facebook Chat can be done from the Apps or the mailbox.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Revealing the Secrets Behind the Thinner iPad 2

I think Apple is the only manufacturer who specializes in making gadgets advanced with a very thinner size. No exception Apple iPad 2 that comes with a body that is very thinner, even thinner than the iPhone 4.

Differences between iPad and iPad2, iPad 2 thinned 34% from the previous 13.4 mm in the first generation, to 8.8 mm only. Then the weight to 600 grams of a previously reached 700 grams.

What is the secret behind the thinner iPad 2? Apparently the biggest modification done on the battery what changes to the iPad 2 Batteries only 2.5 mm thick, 59% thinner than previous versions iPad battery in the size of 6.1 mm.

Another secret that makes iPad 2 thinning is the removal of the metal frame of the screen, this makes the screen size thinned by 17 percent.

Apple specifically focuses on thinness as a point of differentiation iPad 2. Another new Tablet came into the market, which are all roughly the same thin with iPad 1, now look fat compared iPad 2. This may create a competitor to rival Apple's thinnerming products.

3 New Series HTC Smartphones Ready to Strike

After the previous word got out about the Sony Ericsson which is ready to launch 9 android smarphones to the market. T mobile HTC does not want to be left to launch 3 New Series HTC Smartphones.

HTC smart phone vendors introduce 3 new series of smartphones t mobile HTC. Not just Android gadget is a mainstay, but also a Windows based Smartphone 7.

The t mobile HTC company is based in Taiwan, introduced three new whiz consisting of two Windows smartPhone 7 and one who pinned the Android 3.0 or Honeycomb. A pair of Microsoft's mobile phone named HTC Prime and Ignite, while Android is the HTC Pyramid.

Quoted by GSM Arena, Thursday 17 March 2011, for HTC Pyramid will use a 1.2GHz processor with RAM 768MN with two cameras in the back with the size of 8MP and 1.3MP rear.

HTC Pyramid screen size will use 4.3 inch size with Super LCD with a 540x960 pixel resolution QHD.

While the two mobile Phone Windows 7, Ignite and Prime, will use a 3.7 inch WVGA screen size combo. Both will be fixed to 512MB RAM and 800MHz CPU power. The camera also equally 5MP resolution with additional LED Flash.

But what distinguishes the two is, HTC Prime uses a sliding qwerty format, while the Ignite still believe with full touch screen gadget.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taiwan Releases Disaster Alarm Smartphones Apps

The scientists from various universities in Taiwan released a Smartphones Apps with just one touch, can tell to anyone, the location of the user who was trapped in earthquake rubble or buried by landslides.

This Smartphones Apps transmits the latitude and longitude of people who were stranded in the disaster area, said Liang Chih-hsiung, a professor of Lunghwa University.

According to Liang, an Apps called Mobile Savior developed with her friends were already available in the Smartphones Apps store since Tuesday last, following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week.

Mobile Savior is available in English, Chinese and Japanese at USD 2.99. Do not want to miss charity, these Smartphones Apps developers decided to donate all proceeds of sales of Mobile Savior for the victims of natural disasters Tsunami Japan.

Mobile Savior works by taking the location data from GPS systems that are on the Smartphones. This data is then sent to another phone number, as demand for emergency assistance.

Google Buy Green Parrot Digital Video Company

Google says that they have purchased a digital video technology company, Google buy website Green Parrot Pictures, to improve the quality of the uploaded video to YouTube service.

Green Parrot Pictures was founded by Professor Anil Kokaram from Trinity College, Dublin who has spent the last six years working with his team to develop quality video technology.

Google plans to combine the talents of teams and innovation to improve the quality of the video on YouTube, most of which are still below average.

What if there is technology that can improve the quality of the video are still below those standards? Sharpening images reduce noise in the visual, rendering high definition video and make it, even though the video has been uploaded on YouTube?" Jeremy said Doig, Director of Video Technology from Google.

Technology is owned by Green Parrot Pictures is able to convert video to look better, although at the same time using a small bandwidth, added Doig.

Green Parrot Pictures was founded in 2004 as Digital Video Technology Company that provides IP licensing, software development and consulting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sony Ericsson ready to launched 9 Android Smartphones

So hectic with Android Smartphones market in early 2011, which begins with Samsung that will release the Samsung Galaxy Pro Android 2.2 at the end of this march and the Apple iPhone 5 that will be produced next July.

The Sony Ericsson Phones Mobile announced that they wanted to become a leading of telecommunications manufacturer in the world based on Android Smartphones, the manufacturer of this one reportedly is preparing 9 Android smartphones models ready for launch in 2011 this.

the Sony Ericsson target market their products to upper middle class. Earlier this year Sony Ericsson Phones Mobile has announced the names of products such as the Xperia, neo Xperia, Xperia Pro and Xperia Play.

Among the four products above, Xperia PLAY the most demanding users of Android Smartphones because has features games, especially after obtaining certification from the Playstation as the world's first smartphone that is best suited for gamers. Reportedly PLAY Xperia will be released in late March 2011.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video Chat Feature Flagship BlackBerry Playbook Tablet

After Apple launched the iPad 2 Research in Motion (RIM) tries to create a product to rival Apple iPad 2 with launch BlackBerry Playbook Tablet with video chat feature as its flagship, Research in Motion (RIM) was currently preparing a new feature that has not been reported to the public.

Video chat feature that is similar to FaceTime belongs Apple iPad 2 embedded in the iPhone 2 and 4. This feature is believed by Research in Motion (RIM), could become a mainstay of them in the face of the challenge of BlackBerry PlayBook vs iPad.

Quoted by TG Daily, Tuesday March 15, FaceTime is one feature that most heralded Apple iPhone 4, which is a video chat application. Now Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry app challenge Playbook FaceTime on his own.

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet own presence is still unclear, although a source at Quanta Computer in Taiwan is ready to produce one million BlackBerry Playbook Tablet, which is ready to ship in late March.

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet will become a very important product for Research in Motion (RIM). Though still remains the number 1 gadget smartphone platform in the United States, but market them down so quickly as the impact of the launch iPad 2.

Hot News Google Launches New Social Networking

After failing with Google Wave and Google Buzz who can not seize a twitter market, the world's Internet giants Google's plan to Launch New Social Networking named Google Circles.

This Hot News comes from rrw.com, according to the site will be announced on the Google Circles South by Southwest Interactive festival (SXSW).

What we hear is true, this service will offer features photos, videos, and message status. To win the hearts of consumers, Google must have something more innovative than that offered by Facebook or Twitter.

So how Google respond to this Hot News response. According to the site AllThingsD, in the event the SXSW festival Google refused to news release of the new social network. Google spokesman said, no new service announced by Google at the SXSW festival this time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

41% of Facebook Users Willing to Publish her Personal Information

Although many cases of fraud in the Internet world, particularly through social network sites, but not all users of social network sites up aware of the dangers if they publish her personal information within their facebook profile page.

At least, it made a number of users up in an experiment conducted IT security firm, Sophos, recently. Sophos found that 41 percent of users of social networking that was willing to share their personal information.

Sophos chose 200 random Facebook users using a fake user name 'Freddi Staur' (anagram of 'ID Fraudster'). Recorded, 87 user's invitation to respond to it, in which 82 people of which include personal information such as email address, birth date, address or telephone number.

As reported by Digital Daily, Monday 14 march 2011, that 72 percent of respondents told their email address, birth date include 84 percent complete, 87 percent provide full information about education or their workplace, 78 percent list their home address or location Currently, 23 percent include a phone number, and 26 per cent gave their instant messaging identities.

Sophos senior analyst Ron O'Brien assess these findings are very worrying. The information provided by users that could be as valuable as credit card information. Users should be more selective in their information sharing.

Collecting a friends are recommended for users of social networking sites. This is related to issues of status, to see how many friends or contacts you can gather.

Trojan Attack on BlackBerry Smartphones

It turned out that not only are Malware attacked Android Market recently broke the news about Trojan Attack on BlackBerry Smartphones.

Zeus Trojan variants of malicious programs attack the BlackBerry smartphones, a computer security company Trend Micro describes the difficult variant Zeus Trojan is a malicious program detected BBOS_ZITMO.B.

As Zeus variant on the desktop, these malicious programs do not change the face of the device. These malicious programs can remove themselves from the list of applications so as not to be detected, according to the explanation of Trend Micro analyst, Patrick Estavillo.

When Zeus is installed on a BlackBerry smartphones, the device will send a confirmation message to the administrator and ultimately can control the other party. Zeus Trojan was aimed to monitor the BlackBerry smartphone user's personal information when transacting online banking users.

As a result of Zeus Trojan attacker could block the call, change the administrator or turn off the BlackBerry device. As quoted CIO insight, operating system (OS) The BlackBerry is not the only target of Zeus Trojan attacks.

Estavillo warned another variant characterized by the same as Zeus Trojan has tried to attack other smartphones with Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apple iphone 5 will be produced in July

After the successful launch of the iPhone 4 in the market, a source said that producers Apple iPhone is currently in the process of production of the apple iphone 5, which would soon be walking.

latest version of the apple iphone 5 is expected to be produced in July, the iPhone 5 features is expected to have the same features with iPad 2 which recently lounce by Apple.

IB Times on Saturday 12 march 2011, blogs from Japan recently leaked images of white iPhone uses five colored aluminum material to replace the rear glass is used on the iPhone 4. This is related to fix bad signal problem that afflicts the iPhone 4.

July 6, touted as the date of commencement of production of the iPhone 5. Some report that the iPhone 5 will preach a different design to the iPhone 4, using the processor chip is also used on the A5 iPad 2 and 5 latest IOS.

Android Market Attacked by Malware

Android operating system Attacked by Malware viruses that are considered dangerous. After the previous Malware virus targeting the handset. Currently, the target is a direct application store, the Android Market.

According to reports security company Sophos, the Android Market on jacked and then infiltrated with malware and then users are directed to the Android Market application store in China.

Reported by TG Daily, Saturday 12 March 2011, a malware virus that attacks the Android Market is kind of Trojan, which utilizes a open hole in Android, which is an open based operating system.

Defrauding includes functionality to send MMS messages, for example, when the device boots up itself, explained Svajcer, from Sophos.

The pattern of attack to create a fake security tool that detects threats that do not exist is very common in the PC world and has brought a lot of revenue for cybercriminals.

Friday, March 11, 2011

LinkedIn Launches a Social News

LinkedIn the internet social network for professionals, LinkedIn launched a Social  News service on Thursday that creates a customized online social newspaper from articles being shared by the network's. more than 90 million members.

The new service called LinkedIn now shows a preview of the most popular items in various industries, a move the company hopes to encourage consumers to interact more on their website.

LinkedIn, was introduced earlier this year to offer shares to the public during the advertising money built and offer excellent services to sell.

The website is very popular resource for job seekers and the search for someone to delay the network of connections to the processing of social networks like Facebook and Twitter as soon expand as they reach the consumer activities on the site.

According together LinkedIn, and more than a million records of members of the network every day.
There are many members who are already rare, "said President of Product LinkedIn Deep Nice.

Google to Allow Searchers to Block Sites from Unwanted Search Results

Google has introduced a new tool allowing searchers to block sites from unwanted search results.
If you are looking for something through Google and you want to filter search results from Google, you can use the Google feature to block sites whatever you want to block from the search results will be displayed by Google.

Once you have clicked that link on the Google search results, you'll need to come back to the results page and chose whether you want to block it from future searches.

"We're adding this feature because we believe giving you control over the results you find will provide an even more personalized and enjoyable experience on Google," said company engineers in a blog post today.

Personalized searches
Once you have blocked a site you'll then be notified by your Google account and asked to confirm it. you also be able to manage the websites you've blocked in your Google account settings.

Google is also considering taking the amount of times a site has been disqualified from users' search results into account when deciding on how websites rank within its algorithms.

The update comes on Thursday and Friday to the latest versions within Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Microsoft released The Faster and Safer IE 9

After proclaiming the Death Countdown of Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6), Microsoft Relevant Products/Services is readying the released The Faster and Safer of Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9), the fresh version of Internet Explorer market-leading web browser.

Microsoft plans to release Internet Explorer 9 at the festival SXSW (South by Southwest Conference and Festivals), which was held in Austin on March 14, 2011, and at night the same internet explorer 9 beta download will be available to.

Internet Explorer 9 beta (IE 9) continue to use the HTML 5, HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML coding is a core language for the web. With HTML 5, a rich media web sites with strong animation possible.

One of the key new features in Internet Explorer 9 beta is Tracking Protection. This feature was originally planned for Internet Explorer 8, but Microsoft held off on executing the software that lets customers control tracking on web sites. Essentially, Tracking Protection lets consumers filter content in a page that may have an impact on their privacy.

Here is how Tracking Protection works: Consumers can indicate what web sites they would prefer to not exchange information with. Consumers do this by adding Tracking Protection lists to Internet Explorer. Anyone, and any organization, on the web can create and publish Tracking Protection lists.

In practice, this means that if you visit a news site, then a sports site, then some other web site, third-party advertisers can't build a profile of browsing activity. Although there are many benefits to building those profiles, including driving more relevant, personalized content, Microsoft is responding to privacy concerns by giving consumers a way to block that tracking.

Internet Explorer 9 also offers InPrivate Browsing, another feature to help consumers control what their machine remembers about browsing sessions. InPrivate Filtering was a forerunner of Tracking Protection.

"This is Microsoft's comeback platform. They've broken from the pack and the end result is that it's incredibly fast," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at The Enderle Group. "It's probably one of the most secure products Microsoft has ever brought out."

Beyond speed, security Relevant Products/Services and privacy features, Enderle said Microsoft has something else important in the realm of web browsers: massive developer support to use the underpinning features. That means there should be a number of web sites at launch that make unique use of some of the performance and graphics capabilities of the product.

This is probably going to be one of Microsoft's strongest launches ever and probably one of the most important Internet Explorer  launches since Internet Explorer 3 when Microsoft stepped away from Spyglass," Enderle said. "So this is very critical one for Microsoft and one where the company is taking a pretty big risk Relevant Products/Services by jumping out so far ahead of the other guys with regard to technology.

Will the advances be enough to ward off Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other competing browsers? It's too soon to tell, but one thing is certain: Microsoft is focused on making Internet Explorer 9 beta a success browsers.

2.1 billion Gadget devices connected to the Internet in 2011

A study showed, in 2015 approximately 2.1 billion Gadget devices will be connected to the Internet.

These tools not only consist of portable and mobile electronic devices but also housing. This means that Gadget devices connected to the Internet will experience a massive adoption within the next five years.

According to reports from Infinite Research, as quoted by CBR Online, Thursday 3 March 2011, total Gadget shipments of Internet connected consumer Gadget devices will grow from approximately 262.1 million units in 2010 and then to 712.1 million units in 2015.

An increasing number of shipments was due to rise in the number of products that are equipped with Smartphones and wifi connection. This trend is expected to impact on the increasing number of consumer devices connected to around 2.1 billion Gadget units in 2015, said the president of Infinite Research, Mark Ritorto.

According Ritorto, currently has a lot of  Smartphones products that connect to the Internet. Not just Smartphones but also eReaders, tablet computers, portable game consoles, media players, digital cameras, and camcorders.

In addition, some consumer electronics products that began to hit the expansion of home-based Internet connections are smart TVs, set-top boxes, video game consoles, DVD / blu-ray, digital photo frames, and other communication media.

Internet connected Gadget device is also increased as a result of the growing needs of the community to access content anywhere and anytime, such as music content, movies, social networks, applications, and other connected services.

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