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Monday, March 28, 2011

LG Manufactures Google Nexus Tablets

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ShoutBloger: Google reportedly is preparing its new product Google Nexus Tablets produced by LG. 

So far, Google operating system is always used as a platform for other tablet vendors. After launching a smartphone with the same name, Google is believed to feel the need to produce a tablet with its own brand name.

Launched by Cellular News, on Tuesday March 29  2011. Russian bloggers, Eldar Murtazin who also wrote on the site Mobile Review, claimed to have strong evidence that LG has been given responsibility by Google to produce Google Nexus Tablets.

Earlier Google had to approach with Samsung and HTC to produce Nexus tablets, but they refused to participate, said Eldar Murtazin.

Unfortunately, continued Eldar, tablet, Google Nexus Tablets will be armed with Android OS version 2.x, which is used  OS for smartphones, will not be able to be upgraded to OS version 3.x, which is destined for the tablet. OS 3.x it is commonly called the Honeycomb.

The tablet, which likely will be named Nexus T, is scheduled to be rolled at the end of this year. Most likely his presence will coincide with Android OS latest version, known by the code name of Ice Cream.

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