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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot News Lenono Tablet PC Finally Released in China

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ShoutBloger: After the publication of news about Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) will launched worldwide in June 2011, Chinese computer giant Lenovo LePad finally launched in his hometown with hopes of competing in the tablet market is still dominated by Apple iPad.

Carrying Google Android OS, Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) released in China on a special event for local media, Monday March 28, 2011 at local time. Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) will start selling directly to consumers LePad China this week, through its retail stores.

While sales to other countries will be next June. Lenovo spokesman explained Jay Chen was quoted as saying Straits Times, Tuesday March 29, 2011.

In a statement Lenovo claims, this year they also is working on mobile Internet devices business and build a special division, which is Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group, to be more competitive.

Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) first introduced in the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas last January. The tablet has a color screen with a size of 26cm and will be connected to the internet using 3G or wi-fi.

In China alone, the models are equipped with wireless technology LePad wi-fi with a capacity of 16GB, will be priced at USD673. Currently, Lenovo has not been willing to divulge the official launch date Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) globally.

Lenovo still reluctant to divulge exactly when Lenovo sold internationally. However, pre-orders for Lenono Tablet PC (LePad) can be done since 16 March.

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