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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taiwan Releases Disaster Alarm Smartphones Apps

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The scientists from various universities in Taiwan released a Smartphones Apps with just one touch, can tell to anyone, the location of the user who was trapped in earthquake rubble or buried by landslides.

This Smartphones Apps transmits the latitude and longitude of people who were stranded in the disaster area, said Liang Chih-hsiung, a professor of Lunghwa University.

According to Liang, an Apps called Mobile Savior developed with her friends were already available in the Smartphones Apps store since Tuesday last, following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week.

Mobile Savior is available in English, Chinese and Japanese at USD 2.99. Do not want to miss charity, these Smartphones Apps developers decided to donate all proceeds of sales of Mobile Savior for the victims of natural disasters Tsunami Japan.

Mobile Savior works by taking the location data from GPS systems that are on the Smartphones. This data is then sent to another phone number, as demand for emergency assistance.

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