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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apple Develop Location Based Social Networking

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Apple Seems to try to develop location based social networking service. The proof They were the resource persons Preparing a similar service for Their IOS based devices.

Sources at Apple said that, Steve Jobs company team was revolutionizing the mobile technology industry to fig computing, after the PC era is over. Maps team is developing something extraordinary to combine our mission to improv the way people Interact with the maps and location based social networking services as reported by Apple Insider, Monday, 28 March 2011.

As usual, the source did not disclose detailed information, except That the IOS Maps Application Developer will from work with the team userinterface for new and innovative features to IOS devices.

Clearly the Cupertino-based company Hopes to follow the trail Facebook Places. In 2009 Apple Bought Placebase, to Compete with Google Maps, and Poly9, online mapping company from Canada. Poly9 create interactive 3D maps in the browser.

Also the company has started using its own database for a location for IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad previous versions of IOS Than That Rely on databases of Google and Skyhook Wireless.

However, Apple still depend on Google for Maps and Street View in Maps application native IOS.

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