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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple launch the iPad 2 with New Features

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The company officially launched the gadget Apple iPad 2, gadget iPad 2 has many advantages compared with previous versions iPad gadget.

Technology site Engadget has done a direct test of the gadget iPad 2. Engadget believes that the gadget iPad 2 fast performance and features futuristic design.

Gadget iPad 2 fasttime video chat feature and a new accessory from iPad 2 called smart gadget that cover the front screen superimposed gadgets iPad 2, which can automatically lock the device iPad 2 in a closed state. Smart cover is equipped with magnets that can be installed properly.

Foad Fadaghi, a telecom analyst said that although the competitors gadget iPad 2 in front of the eyes, the arrival of the gadget iPad 2 is very likely to make the focus back to Apple. gadgets iPad 2 reaffirms Apple's place as a leader in the gadget tablets,

Matthew Powell as an observer and founder of gadget Apple  iPad 2 MacTheMag assess gadget is not a radical as expected many people. For example, the same screen resolution than the original version of the iPad. There is a dual core processor and camera, but its competitors also have them.

Problem screen technology gadgets iPad 2 which does not change is also a hotbed Mark Novosel, an analyst from research firm IDC. He was disappointed because the gadget iPad 2 does not include technology such as retinal displays that decorate the iPhone 4.

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