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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Google Begun Testing Google Music Service

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ShoutBloger: Google employee reportedly has begun testing Google Music service. Today is a new service available to their internal environment.

Google Music is a music streaming service from Google. As quoted from TechSpot Sunday 27 March  2011, when this service began to be accessed by employees of Google.

From the technical side, the service was reportedly almost ready. But Google main problem is a matter of musical content in it.

Google also reportedly is negotiating with a party label. But Google's efforts were reportedly still encountering many obstacles.

Google does not just ask for a license to distribute songs. They want to provide cloud services that enable subscribers belonging songs stored on Google Music servers.

Similar services are also reportedly being discussed by Apple through its iTunes. There has been no word whether Apple had to get licenses.

If Google has so entrance into the digital music service, the label can be a party that wins. This is because of Google will compete with Apple and label ammunition in the bargain. There has been no official statement from Google about Google Music service.

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