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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trojan Attack on BlackBerry Smartphones

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It turned out that not only are Malware attacked Android Market recently broke the news about Trojan Attack on BlackBerry Smartphones.

Zeus Trojan variants of malicious programs attack the BlackBerry smartphones, a computer security company Trend Micro describes the difficult variant Zeus Trojan is a malicious program detected BBOS_ZITMO.B.

As Zeus variant on the desktop, these malicious programs do not change the face of the device. These malicious programs can remove themselves from the list of applications so as not to be detected, according to the explanation of Trend Micro analyst, Patrick Estavillo.

When Zeus is installed on a BlackBerry smartphones, the device will send a confirmation message to the administrator and ultimately can control the other party. Zeus Trojan was aimed to monitor the BlackBerry smartphone user's personal information when transacting online banking users.

As a result of Zeus Trojan attacker could block the call, change the administrator or turn off the BlackBerry device. As quoted CIO insight, operating system (OS) The BlackBerry is not the only target of Zeus Trojan attacks.

Estavillo warned another variant characterized by the same as Zeus Trojan has tried to attack other smartphones with Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

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