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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Windows 7 Phone Predicted would Beat the iPhone

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Android and Windows 7 Phone (WP7) is predicted to be most popular mobile OS in 2015, according to research firm IDC. If you view the good performance of Android, this prediction is reasonable. But quite surprisingly are approximate WP 7 will sit in the runner-up and arrested the Apple iPhone.

IDC predictions for Windows 7 Phone (WP7) market launch in 2011. According to research firm that is respected enough, as many as 450 million smartphones shipped in 2011, up from the previous 303.4 million in last year.

For the market share in 2011, Android is estimated most popular with 39.5% power. In second place is Symbian with 20.9%. Then Apple iPhone IOS in occupying the top three with 15.7%. BlackBerry and Windows 7 Phone (WP7) trailing the next sequence with a market share of 14.9% and 5.5%.

Figures for 2011 are probably not too surprising. But if you view the prediction of IDC in 2015 there was a shift large enough. Android is still in power with 45.4% market share. But second place was taken Windows 7 Phone (WP7) with 20.9% power.

Thus, Windows 7 Phone (WP7) is predicted to beat IOS in 2015 is expected to only get a market share of 15.3%. Another big name that the BlackBerry got 13.7%. While Symbian is expected to almost vanish. According to IDC, the surge Windows 7 Phone (WP7) in the year 2015 is due to support its partner, Nokia Windows 7 Phone.

The alliance they combine the capabilities of hardware Nokia and Windows 7 platform Phone which has a differentiation. In 2015, IDC expects Windows Phone into the operating system number two in the world, behind Android, said Ramon Llamas, senior analyst in IDC Mobile Devices Technology and Trends.

Of course all the numbers were still in the form of predictions and still may change in time. Similarly, as reported by Cnet on Wednesday March 30, 2011.

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