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Friday, March 11, 2011

LinkedIn Launches a Social News

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LinkedIn the internet social network for professionals, LinkedIn launched a Social  News service on Thursday that creates a customized online social newspaper from articles being shared by the network's. more than 90 million members.

The new service called LinkedIn now shows a preview of the most popular items in various industries, a move the company hopes to encourage consumers to interact more on their website.

LinkedIn, was introduced earlier this year to offer shares to the public during the advertising money built and offer excellent services to sell.

The website is very popular resource for job seekers and the search for someone to delay the network of connections to the processing of social networks like Facebook and Twitter as soon expand as they reach the consumer activities on the site.

According together LinkedIn, and more than a million records of members of the network every day.
There are many members who are already rare, "said President of Product LinkedIn Deep Nice.

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