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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Latest Features Yahoo Real Time Results

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Yahoo continues to follow the search engine competition by offering brand new feature that will display real time search results.

In the coming months, Yahoo is ready to add a trial version of Direct Search on the entire property with a search box. This feature will predict what the user searched through every letter you type in search box before finally displaying a series of search results dynamically.

This is not just a collection of links. This feature displays the images and data you been looking for, with more intelligent and faster, said Blake Irving, chief product officer, as quoted by the Straits Times on Thursday 24 March 2011.

In launching this feature we focus on showing the direct answer, not the search results pages. We redefine the search process and show a direct answer, said Shashi Seth as senior vice president of search and marketplaces.

Search Direct is a proof that Yahoo continues to lead innovation in search, enabling people to act more quickly, discover what's important and give examples of what can be generated on the next search technology, added Seth.

Direct Search This trial version will be displayed to users in the United States first. Meanwhile, Yahoo users in other countries have to wait longer.

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