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Sunday, March 13, 2011

41% of Facebook Users Willing to Publish her Personal Information

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Although many cases of fraud in the Internet world, particularly through social network sites, but not all users of social network sites up aware of the dangers if they publish her personal information within their facebook profile page.

At least, it made a number of users up in an experiment conducted IT security firm, Sophos, recently. Sophos found that 41 percent of users of social networking that was willing to share their personal information.

Sophos chose 200 random Facebook users using a fake user name 'Freddi Staur' (anagram of 'ID Fraudster'). Recorded, 87 user's invitation to respond to it, in which 82 people of which include personal information such as email address, birth date, address or telephone number.

As reported by Digital Daily, Monday 14 march 2011, that 72 percent of respondents told their email address, birth date include 84 percent complete, 87 percent provide full information about education or their workplace, 78 percent list their home address or location Currently, 23 percent include a phone number, and 26 per cent gave their instant messaging identities.

Sophos senior analyst Ron O'Brien assess these findings are very worrying. The information provided by users that could be as valuable as credit card information. Users should be more selective in their information sharing.

Collecting a friends are recommended for users of social networking sites. This is related to issues of status, to see how many friends or contacts you can gather.

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