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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apple iphone 5 will be produced in July

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After the successful launch of the iPhone 4 in the market, a source said that producers Apple iPhone is currently in the process of production of the apple iphone 5, which would soon be walking.

latest version of the apple iphone 5 is expected to be produced in July, the iPhone 5 features is expected to have the same features with iPad 2 which recently lounce by Apple.

IB Times on Saturday 12 march 2011, blogs from Japan recently leaked images of white iPhone uses five colored aluminum material to replace the rear glass is used on the iPhone 4. This is related to fix bad signal problem that afflicts the iPhone 4.

July 6, touted as the date of commencement of production of the iPhone 5. Some report that the iPhone 5 will preach a different design to the iPhone 4, using the processor chip is also used on the A5 iPad 2 and 5 latest IOS.

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