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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally Facebook Buy Snaptu

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Finally, Facebook has bought web a special apps to access mobile smartphone social networking, as part of a plan for the world's largest social networking is to expand its mobile services.

Up will provide 70 million dollars for the service, based in London UK, according to Israeli newspaper The Marker Calcalist and was quoted as saying by Reuters.

itself, in its official page acknowledged the deal was expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

Jonny Thaw Facebook spokesman, refused to inform the content of the agreement but said that as part of Facebook, a team of web and technology they will make our mobile network, the better.

Up continues to expand mobile service to more than 200 million Facebookers worldwide. In the last week up to preach had recruited an employee of Google Inc. to lead the process of acquisition and merger of them.

Snaptu which was established in 2007 is a special service for mobile phones that have the ability under the smartphones. Using any mobile phone web access to social networks like Facebook without the need for major operating systems such as Android or BlackBerry.

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