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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Revealing the Secrets Behind the Thinner iPad 2

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I think Apple is the only manufacturer who specializes in making gadgets advanced with a very thinner size. No exception Apple iPad 2 that comes with a body that is very thinner, even thinner than the iPhone 4.

Differences between iPad and iPad2, iPad 2 thinned 34% from the previous 13.4 mm in the first generation, to 8.8 mm only. Then the weight to 600 grams of a previously reached 700 grams.

What is the secret behind the thinner iPad 2? Apparently the biggest modification done on the battery what changes to the iPad 2 Batteries only 2.5 mm thick, 59% thinner than previous versions iPad battery in the size of 6.1 mm.

Another secret that makes iPad 2 thinning is the removal of the metal frame of the screen, this makes the screen size thinned by 17 percent.

Apple specifically focuses on thinness as a point of differentiation iPad 2. Another new Tablet came into the market, which are all roughly the same thin with iPad 1, now look fat compared iPad 2. This may create a competitor to rival Apple's thinnerming products.

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