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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Google Buy Green Parrot Digital Video Company

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Google says that they have purchased a digital video technology company, Google buy website Green Parrot Pictures, to improve the quality of the uploaded video to YouTube service.

Green Parrot Pictures was founded by Professor Anil Kokaram from Trinity College, Dublin who has spent the last six years working with his team to develop quality video technology.

Google plans to combine the talents of teams and innovation to improve the quality of the video on YouTube, most of which are still below average.

What if there is technology that can improve the quality of the video are still below those standards? Sharpening images reduce noise in the visual, rendering high definition video and make it, even though the video has been uploaded on YouTube?" Jeremy said Doig, Director of Video Technology from Google.

Technology is owned by Green Parrot Pictures is able to convert video to look better, although at the same time using a small bandwidth, added Doig.

Green Parrot Pictures was founded in 2004 as Digital Video Technology Company that provides IP licensing, software development and consulting.

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