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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazon App Store Better Than Android Market

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ShoutBloger: Continued from news about Amazon launch digital content storage, Amazon strives to be the best app store even beating Android Market which had already led the app market.

Adding more features to make the Amazon App Store better than Android Market. One advantage is the availability of application services that allow users to try before they buy it.

This feature, called Test Drive, allowing customers to try to do the first test on applications they want to purchase. This feature is far beyond anything offered by the Android Market. So that was reported by TG Daily, Tuesday march 29 2011.

It highlights how Amazon much more clever in selling the product. While Google can do a great job in creating the software and come up with brilliant ideas, Amazon is the king in the world of consumer sales.

From one day, Android Market has become one of the most disappointing feature in Android due to lack of organization and search features. Since Amazon began offering Android applications through its own online portal, even though consumers have been flocking there, and some developers even decided to release their applications exclusively on third-party platforms.

The preview of the application, perform certain Used to offer 24 hours. That is, if you pay for an application and decide within the next 24 hours that you do not like, you can request a refund. Then remove the feature.

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