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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teachers and Students prohibited making friends on Facebook

ShoutBloger: Missouri, the state one of the states in the United States U.S., will soon impose a ban for students to make friends with their teacher on the social networking site 'Facebook'.

According to the Missouri Senate Bill 54 regulations that will apply starting on August 28, any social networking, not just Facebook, is prohibited for the friendship between teacher and pupil. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable on Monday August 1, 2011.

This is done in order to clarify the boundary between the students with the teacher. But it seems the rules only lead to relationships in social media alone. The teachers are still allowed to create Facebook Pages, which can be accessed by students.

Contact relationships between students and teachers on Facebook will be exposed to the law. Senate Bill 54 regulations designed to protect children from sexual customer actions of teachers. Finally, regulation is inevitably followed by the schools, and socialized to the parties the police.

The concern of the observers after the rule is applied is, whether society will allow the state to check each account up to see them in touch with whom? This is all the homework that should be considered further.

Rumors: iPad 3 will Not Manufactured at Foxconn

ShoutBloger: Apple is no longer working with Foxconn for the production of Apple iPad 3, because the Cupertino giant technology company is preferred Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturing company.

According to the Taiwan Economic News, Pegatron won a contract to create the next generation tablet PC device from Apple. Replacement is also breaking the dominance of making the iPad previously made by Foxconn.

Previously also rumored that Pegatron makes iPad 5 with a limited number. Even a source in early July said that Pegatron also contracted to make no less than 15 million devices.

As quoted from Pocket-Lint no Sunday July 31, 2011, Foxconn has previously made headlines in the media, since the suicide of the labors is also an explosion in one of the manufacturer of the Apple iPad 2.

Steps taken by Apple are done after they had previously been set aside Samsung as a supplier of chips for iPad 3.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sony Ericsson providing video streaming services for Xperia users

ShoutBloger: Sony Ericsson will provide mobile video streaming services for Xperia in particular in August. With this service, mobile users will be able to see Sony content from a variety of channels including NBC, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and others.

To be able to enjoy this streaming video service, users must download nokia mobile phone application called Qriocity Video streaming. As a first step, Sony chose Xperia Mini and Mini Pro as a means to utilize this service.

For Xperia Arc, Neo, Play, Pro, and Acro will be provided later by Sony. Meanwhile for Xperia active and Ray will automatically have this application at launch later.

But for now Sony just choose the nine countries that can support these services, namely Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada and America. But Sony explains about the content provided will be different for each place.

Reward $500 for those who find bugs or loopholes in the Facebook

ShoutBloger: Facebook tried to get its users to work together to improve Web site security system. Their latest offering reward of $500 for those who find bugs or loopholes in the Facebook site that are likely to divulge personal information to its users.

If you have found a problem on Facebook site, tell them. Facebook has made a portal called white hats, Researchers, and write down anyone who helped them in the portal.

However, bugs or problems you find are not derived from the Facebook site, or in other words from a third party, you will not get money in return. For example, if you encounter problems in the game's built-in Facebook, then Facebook will not give in return.

In addition, Facebook offers only one return for one bug. So who is faster to find a bug, then he is rewarded.

Bill Gates sale 5 million shares of Microsoft

ShoutBloger: Microsoft founder Bill Gates is reported to have sold as many as 5 million shares of Microsoft are holding. But whether by this step, Gates no longer is the owner of the giant software maker?

The answer is of course not! Although it has been removed 5 million pieces of its shares, Gates still remains the dominant owner and shareholder of Microsoft.

Because according to the Securities & Exchange Commission, quoted by AFP on Saturday July 30, 2011, the millionaire who now cultivate philanthropy world is still holding at least 500 million shares of Microsoft anymore.

Sales of 5 million shares Gates at Microsoft itself is reportedly already registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

The selling price of the shares is estimated to be between USD 27.20 to 27.98 per sheet. That is, the total funds raised could reach $ 138 million from this transaction.

Gates himself is still listed as the Microsoft Chairman. But since June 2008, he spelled out no longer active in the company based in Redmond, U.S..

Together with his wife - Melinda - she is more concentrated to conduct humanitarian activities under the banner of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rumors iPhone 5 has a bigger screen

ShoutBloger: A brand-new iPhone casing design leaked on the internet indicates if the fifth generation of Apple smartphone would show a much different design than its predecessor.

Based on the reports cited 9to5Mac TG Daily on Friday July 29, 2011, the design of the casing is leaking it displays the screen and home button are larger but with a thinner body.

9to5Mac managed to get this information from their sources, who previously also give leak design of iPad 2 appropriately.

In addition, 9to5Mac also confirm that the manufacturer case in central Asia showed this design to a whole seller in many countries.

This news has denied previous rumors that say that the iPhone 5 will have a design similar to the iPhone 4.

Even so, as rumors before, this latest information was not yet certain truth. Apple itself, as usual, chose silence and let the media and observers guessing the iPhone 5 displays which have been eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, related to the date of launch, the latest rumors claim that the iPhone would be introduced this latest version to the public on 5 September.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Android tablet will defeat the domination of the Apple iPad in 2016

ShoutBloger: Tablets with the Android operating system return are expected to defeat the dominance of the Apple iPad on the tablet PC market. But it just happened in 2016.

Similarly, research firm Informa predicted as reported by the Straits Times on Thursday July 28, 2011. Informa claims that Apple market share, currently at 75 percent would have fallen by 39 percent in 2015. Meanwhile, Android market share grew to 38 percent.

From 2013 or later, tablets Android more sophisticated and cheaper to flood the market. We expect sales are quite high, and going beyond the upcoming iPad sales in 2016, said analyst David McQueen.

We've seen a big boom in the tablet market in recent years, driven by iPad. We estimate this market will continue to strengthen and grow the sales of 'only' reach 20 million units in 2010 to more than 230 million units in 2015, McQueen added.

Currently Apple does still rule the tablet market with sales increasing 183 percent compared to last year. Last week, Apple reported that during the third quarter of 2011 they managed to sell 9.25 million units of Apple iPad.

Google Plus learning from the success of Facebook and Zynga

ShoutBloger: End of this month, Google plans to release a game application in conjunction with Google Plus releases final version of the Google Plus project. Game application running on this platform will allegedly be playable more quickly by gamers and more profitable for its developers.

For each application that is downloaded and purchased, 70% more than the revenue will be given to the developers. The largest percentage given to developers compared to those given by Apple and Facebook.

Social gaming market in the United States is currently worth $ 1 billion and continues to grow so prospective and lucrative. With the steady growth rate, estimated in 2015 its value will reach 5 billion dollars.

The majority of revenues derived from the social games on Facebook platform, which currently has 750 million users. The total number of social gamers across the world there are 250 million people where 50-75 million of them will pay to acquire the game's virtual goods or shopping (Premium model).

Seeing that there infografis, the United States is ranked first in the number of players with 53 million followed by England in second place with 17.5 million and Germany was third with 17 million. Interestingly, the majority of gamers are female users in the United States and Britain, with a percentage by 51% and 56%.

Meanwhile, in other countries, men dominate gamers with almost equal percentages ranged between 51% and 52%. From the age factor, the majority of gamers are aged 20-34 years by 40%, followed by gamers aged 34-49 years with 23% and 13 - 19 years with 19%.

Google and Zynga
Some time ago it seems that Google is looking for a figure to occupy the position of Product Manager of Games as stated in one of the job openings at one reputable website.

While Eric Schmidt, who last week visited Jakarta and a keynote speaker at the Regional Entrepreneurship Summit in Bali, plans to collaborate with Zynga, a social gaming application developers to create the world's largest social gaming application on the Google platform.

Last year Google has invested $ 200 million in Zynga who demonstrate their commitment to jump in the realm of social gaming. Most likely, given the allocation of social gaming will stream the game itself so that the status update will not disturb the overall existing stream.

Farmville clear success story has invited interest in the giants of cyberspace, conventional game development company and its competitors to acquire Zynga, Playfish.

Social Game on Google Plus
Platform games on Google Plus is expected to use Google's own technology from the Native Client is already introduced at the Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco last May. Using this technology, the game can be played directly using a browser Chrome and Chrome the operating system without requiring plug-ins.

Why? Because the use Unity as a programming tool does not require Web Player to be installed prior to running the Unity content like other programming tools on other platforms.

Currently a web-based applications and games are still "little" compared with desktop applications so it is difficult to find web-based applications and games are quality. If you find any good game, gamers must download a plug-in before you can perform the installation in which the activity of these downloads often fail.

At the same event, Vikas Gupta, introduced the App Payments Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to buy applications quite easily with just a click away and available for users and buyers in the application of more than 140 countries. Currently all web application developers already have access to the App Payments wherever these web applications are included as well when it is released in Chrome webstore.

Google will only take a percentage of 5% of every app sold. Unfortunately, for now, the new facility is available to developers in the United States.

With this technology, the performance of (social) game to be better than the performance of Flash games and Facebook. Unity development tool has the advantage of being able to safely execute the native code. This code will communicate with the Application Programming Interface (API) in order to access special audio files, video, input, 3D and others.

Expected number of gaming applications in Chrome webstore will skyrocket and the course can be played by Google Plus users who have reached 20 million people around the world.

For gamers and plusser, let us look forward with the first game Zynga collaboration and Google in Google Plus.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fujitsu introduces the first Mango Smartphone

ShoutBloger: First Smartphone with the latest version of Windows 7 Phone 'Mango' from Microsoft introduced in Tokyo on Wednesday July 27, 2011 in the form of Fujitsu IS12T.

Based on leaked from Engadget, the phone with a 3.7-inch screen is armed with the Qualcomm MSM8966 processor, with speeds that cannot be ascertained. Has a resolution of up to 13.2 megapixel camera, Fujitsu IS12T been rumored to be waterproof?

In addition, mobile phones are available in pink and yellowish green provides up to 32GB of flash storage, and has Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n.

The plan, this phone will go on sale to the public in September or months afterward.

Fujitsu IS12T is the first of several mobile handsets based on Mango offered a number of vendors within the next few months. Microsoft hopes interest in the vendor of this Mango platform can put them back as a top player in the Smartphone market.

Throughout the first quarter of 2011, Microsoft earned only 2.7 percent share in the Smartphone market. This figure is clearly far degenerate from the achievement of Microsoft in the same period last year, namely 7.1 percent.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Loss of the user, the heyday of Facebook will be over soon

ShoutBloger: The heyday of Facebook will be over soon? Could be, let alone see the growth of Facebook members are stagnating and even declining. Similarly, a recent survey released by the Inside Facebook.

A few months ago was a success drew up a total of 700 million members, but the growth of Facebook began to slow down and even lost users in the United States and Canada in the last month. In fact, surprisingly enough, the number of Facebook members has decreased or begin to lose this means Facebook users.

According to Inside Facebook, as reported by AFP on Monday July 25, 2011 a company based in Palo Alto, Calif., was started in June with a number of members of the 687 million users.

Facebook itself does not regularly release membership figures except to announce certain moments such as when it crossed the 500 million users in July last year.

The survey also said that overall growth has decreased to a very slow growth rate in recent months.

Facebook obtain 11.8 million members in May and 13.9 million in April, despite the visible increase, but basically decreased from an average of 20 million new regular users during a month that occurred in previous months.

United States lost nearly six million users in May, Inside Facebook says, down from 155.2 million in early May to 149.4 million by the end of the month.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Social game on Google Plus is still a rumors

ShoutBloger: Social games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars may have been a game on Facebook, it seems the same title will be a major part of the Google plus as well.

Based on reports and screenshots, it appears that Google's help page Google plus already makes a line of code to Stream Games are designed to be part of the updates together to bring the game.

As quoted by TG Daily on Saturday July 23, 2011, Engadget found a code that refers to the new social network launched earlier this month. This code refers to the game known as Google Plus social game.

TechCrunch Games then find the Google logo and the code for the link features Application programming interfaces (APIs).

Google's Vic Gundotra then asserted that, The Company is currently working with a developer API for Google plus make the game on.

Something quite interesting is to see that Google plans to take a 30 percent stake in Facebook game developer, to go home to Google servers.

This can give game developers more profit. This could mean a big boost for social networking beta by attracting the attention of developers and their loyalty.

In any case, all the above is a guide, plus a list of product managers work on new business so-called 'social games on Google plus' pretty much confirms the presence of games in the future of social platforms are currently being developed rapidly.

Friday, July 22, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook is the first tablet with U.S. federal certification

ShoutBloger: BlackBerry Playbook into a first tablet to get certification as a sign of safe use by all U.S. federal agencies.

A seven inch tablet made by Research In Motion (RIM) has just received Federal Information Processing Standard certification submitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Thus was launched the Straits Times on Friday July 22, 2011.

Under the laws of the U.S. information security management, which was passed shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, all of the computers used by the government must obtain federal certification standards.

This certification illustrates RIM commitment to meet the needs of organizations that need guaranteed security, said Scott Totzke of the security division at RIM.

It also allows U.S. federal agencies to purchase this device with confidence because BlackBerry Playbook qualifies them to protect sensitive information, said Totzke.

Playbook is hoping to be the answer to RIM over Apple dominance (iPad) and Android devices have been sold in the U.S. and Canada since mid April.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warning from Google for Malware Infected PC

ShoutBloger: If there is a sentence "Your Computer Appears to be infected", stop at your computer screen while doing a search on the Google search engine, do not be surprised.

As quoted from the site InformationWeek, recently Google was going to give notification when the encounter a computer that is ridden by malicious software (malicious software/malware) when searching the Internet.

Over the last few years, Google has always alerted the user when the results of its search engine Google index leads to a page containing harmful malware.

Now, for the first time Google will warn users when the computer has been infected with malware is detected. This step is taken after a Google search found a lot of unusual traffic on its search engine, while performing routine maintenance on its data center.

After collaborating with a variety of security experts from various companies, we concluded that the computers that show unusual behavior that has been contracted by a specific type of malicious software, said Damian Menscher, Google security engineer.

Typically, the computer has been infected, it will send traffic to Google through proxy servers. According to Google, millions of computers have been infected by this malware. Google itself has warned hundreds of thousands of people who have been infected.

The source of this malware infection is suspected one of hundreds of types of fake antivirus software. Because, now many malicious software that pretends to be an antivirus program with the goal of keeping the unsuspecting Internet users to install malware onto their computers. However, Google claimed not to know the specific name of fake antivirus programs that have responsibility in this regard.

Therefore, Google advises Internet users to use antivirus software that has been proven to scan their computers from this malicious program infection.

In addition, Google warned that Internet users be careful when they want to install an antivirus software, antivirus software and ensure that it is not fake.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Which is safer iPad or Android Tablet?

ShoutBloger: The two most common choices if you want to use the tablet are iPad or Android based tablet. But which of the two is more secure?

According Raiu Costin, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Labs, a security model that is in the iPad is actually better than Android. However, Apple provides many restrictions on the device, such as carrier lock and others.

Restrictions of Apple making a lot of parties interested in trying it apart or better known as the jailbreak. In fact, according to Costin, a greater security risk would appear from the jailbreak.

As for Android tablet devices, Costin said there was an update of the operating system that is less reliable. Sometimes, when it would update the device it crashes, he said.

However, Costin did not want to give a firm recommendation whether users would be safer to use iPad or Android tablet.

What can we recommend is, do not jailbreak or root? Do not use a public Wi-Fi. Do not use a simple PIN or password. And do not keep a secret document on the device, he said.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google Buy G.co for URL Shortener Service

ShoutBloger: Google has just bought the domain G.co to provide URL shortener services in the site.

These services will be provided to condense the links the URL universal resource locator of the various services of Google that can be distributed to various social networking and microblogging service.

We will use G.co to transmit web pages owned by Google. So whenever there is a link g.co, users can ensure that the link when clicked will only lead to Google services, said Google was quoted from PCWorld site.

The emergence of this G.co service will not affect services Goo.gl bypass the public URL for already operating. Not yet known how much Google spent to buy this domain. However, generally the domain. Co beginning with a letter sold for more than $ 1.5 million.

Some companies also have top domains. Co. Besides Google, Overstock has purchased domain O.co. While Amazon has purchased the domain A.co, Z.co, K.co, and Cloud.co. Twitter did not want to miss, has purchased T.co as a URL Shortener service.

Actually, the domain. Co originally intended as a domain for the Republic of Colombia. But with the permission of that country, commercialized as an alternative to the domains that becoming full. Now, the domain registration. Co reported to have exceeded 1 million names.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Microsoft and Sony set up a secret project?

ShoutBloger: Microsoft is allegedly preparing a secret project with Sony. That's after Microsoft domain registering sites with both the company name.

Cellular News launched on Monday July 18, 2011, Microsoft has registered domains www.microsoft-sony.com and www.sony-microsoft.com. But now the two domains were only direct users to Microsoft search engine 'Bing'.

Nevertheless, this act clearly raises speculation that the two companies were planning a large cooperation. Moreover, Sony Ericsson was allegedly going to launch a smartphone with Windows Phone platform.

Yes, before Microsoft announced a partnership with Nokia to set up mobile phone based on Windows 7 Phone, Sony Ericsson could be called as a Microsoft partner. The rumors erupted again after the public found the photographs that allegedly as a prototype of Sony Ericsson WP7 phones in cyberspace.

Sony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron had confirmed that it was the middle of discussions with Microsoft about the possibility that mobile phone vendors to adopt the WP7 platform. However, Perron's claim that the possibility is very small due to limitations and specifications of the mobile phone software.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Microsoft prepare Tulalip to compete with Facebook and Google Plus

ShoutBloger: Microsoft is preparing to compete in the realm of social networking site, after the emergence of a recently leaked.

On Thursday, July 14, 2011, Microsoft was accidentally published a page that advertises a social project under the domain of Microsoft, socl.com.

The project was named Tulalip, will make users Finding what you need and share what you know is easier than ever.

A screenshot of the prototype design depicts a green rectangle with the "Welcome" word above brief description of the social networking service.

Features that display that allows users to connect through Facebook and Twitter. However, no mention of Google newly launched feature, Google Plus.

It also features links that have not been running, See how it works, Privacy Statement, and Terms of Service.

This page was immediately removed by Microsoft and replaced with a message indicating the error.

Thank you for stopping by. Socl.com is an internal design project from a team at Microsoft Research who mistakenly published to the web. We do not intend to do, honestly, the message in Socl.com.

Early prototype was spotted by a blogger who identified as JB, who wrote about it in Fusible.com.

Fusible posting reads: Domain four letters socl.com will complement bing.com. Although the site is not operational, visitors can get an idea where Microsoft runs a service called Tulalip it.

Realm of social networking web is becoming increasingly attractive to technology companies as more and more visitors spend time at popular sites.

The average U.S. visitor spends 375 minutes on Facebook in May, compared with 231 minutes for Google.

Microsoft had plan for Single Operating System

ShoutBloger: Microsoft had planned a single operating system as the 'single ecosystem' that can be used for all devices, like PCs, mobile phones and tablets PC.

Speaking at the event Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Andy Lees, President for the Windows Phone, said that a 'single ecosystem' for PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices may be realized in 2015.

If this is realized, then the user can get the computing power used on all platforms, Lees said, as quoted by the Telegraph on Sunday July 17, 2011.

This plan can be viewed in Windows 8 for PC, which adopted many elements of the Windows Phone. It is widely seen by observers as a move to emulate Apple IOS for tablet, mobile phones and laptops.

Lees said that Microsoft wanted to provide connections and consistency between the various devices. So far Microsoft has applied it to the browser Internet Explorer 9 that can be used for mobile phones and PCs.

Microsoft is planning to harmonize not only Windows for PCs and Windows Phone, but also for the Xbox operating system, within the next four years, wrote Nilay Patel analysts at ThisIsMyNext.com.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rihanna, the most popular woman on Facebook

ShoutBloger: Currently Rihanna has passed Lady Gaga through the achievement as the most popular woman on Facebook, with more than 40 million fans on his Facebook fans page.

Known as the 'queen of social media', formerly Lady Gaga is the first singer who has 10 million fans on Facebook, beating the achievement the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who only has 700 thousand fans. But slowly but surely, belongs to Rihanna Facebook fans page account is able to overtake Lady Gaga.

As quoted by Mashable on Saturday July 16, 2011, last seen Rihanna has had 40,564,950 fans of Facebook, more than 20 thousand so Lady Gaga 40,543,536 fans who only have a Facebook.

Even so, Lady Gaga still occupies the top position as the most popular users on Twitter. According Twitahalic, Lady Gaga have more than 11, 6 million followers, followed by Justin Bieber with 11 million followers.

Rihanna Twitter itself to be in position 13 as the most popular artist on Twitter with followers who numbered 6.1 million.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Microsoft admits that Windows 7 Phone Failed

ShoutBloger: Microsoft acknowledged that Windows 7 Phone is still far behind compared to its competitors.

It said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer when discussing mobile operating system at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 in Los Angeles, United States.

Since its launch in October last year, Windows 7 Phone controls only about one percent of U.S. mobile phone market.

However, Ballmer believes the situation will improve. It's a year late and you will see many of our programs on the market making progress, he said.

Nokia and partners in the mobile phone business to put great trust in us, he said.

Most of the speech Ballmer cloud computing peel. He said about 58 percent of the companies that attended the conference began trying to cloud computing service; he confirmed that all Microsoft services "all-in" has adopted cloud computing.

We (Microsoft) are the only company out there that invests in cloud computing service on-premise. The amount you learn from working the two environments that support each other is dramatic.

Ballmer commented on the positive growth of Bing but he criticized the partners who do not use Microsoft's search engine.

Bing is a partner of Microsoft products and services we spend little time with Bing until now," he said quoting the Telegraph reports.

Amazon launches tablet to rival the Apple iPad

ShoutBloger: Success dominate the online retail, Amazon began to expand in the area of the tablet PC. Having previously successfully launched Kindle, digital reading devices for reading, Amazon plans to make a Amazon tablet PC.

Seemed to want to compete with Apple Inc. After previously competing in the market of digital books, digital music, and mobile applications, the competition continues on the tablet PC market. Today, Apple did dominate the tablet market with the success of the Apple iPad.

As quoted from the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is rumored to have plans tablet computers released in October. Thus, the plan is expected to synergize with digital content that has long produced the Amazon. During this time, Amazon digital content does have a disadvantage in not compatible with its appliances.

Leaks from the Wall Street Journal, which will be launched Amazon tablet will have a 9 inch screen size. The tablet will use Google operating system, Android. These tablets are not equipped with a camera.

The tablet is, have advantages over the Kindle. Users will be able to watch movies, play music, or reading digital books, can downloaded from Amazon.com.

Reportedly, Amazon is still developing this tablet product. But in the near future, will soon ask for help from Asian manufacturing companies.

No comment yet from Amazon about this tablet. But a newspaper called the South Korean manufacturing companies, Samsung, will soon be towed Amazon developed the device.

Previously, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Amazon will also mention the indications in the market competing devices. When Consumer Reports asked about the possibility of making tablets, Bezos replied that possibility. We always thought if we want to dedicate themselves to the devices for reading. In the form of any of the products we will introduce, Bezos said, as quoted from Consumer Reports.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 Bestselling Mobile Phone on June 2011

 ShoutBloger: Krusell, the company producing accessories for various brands and types of mobile phones around the world to bring back the latest monthly list of best selling mobile phones in the world, based on sales of accessories supporters.

In June laly, first ranking of best selling mobile phones are still occupied by Apple iPhone 4 and followed by Samsung Galaxy II and HTC Sensation.

In total, Nokia and HTC respectively supplying 3 models in the list of best selling mobile phones throughout the world. Samsung deposited two models, while Apple and Sony Ericsson to deposit only one model. Here is a complete list of 10 best-selling mobile phones throughout the month of June 2011 of the Krusell version:

1. Apple iPhone 4
2. Samsung Galaxy S II
3. HTC Sensation
4. Nokia 3720 Classic
5. Samsung Xcover 271
6. Nokia E52
7. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
8. HTC Desire HD
9. Nokia C5
10. HTC Desire S

Facebook blocked Google Plus export tool

ShoutBloger: Facebook and Google's rivalry heats up. Facebook blocked Google Plus tool exporter, one of which allows users of Google plus update his Facebook status from Google.

Previously, Facebook has blocked third party applications that can export contacts to other sites such as Facebook to Google Plus. Although the application called Google+Facebook has not closed, Facebook is busy stopping the action of other tools that allow users to export Facebook friends list to other sites.

For example, Open-Xchange, a service that allows Facebook users to export the details of his friends into other products and services. Although, the owner of the tool claims that it has followed the terms and conditions of Facebook.

As disclosed ZDNet, Facebook sends an e-mail to the owner of the Open-Xchange and stated that the Open-Xchange has violated the provisions. Open-Xchange mentioned should not use the friends list of Facebook users outside the application of Open-Xchange.

Open-Xchange expressed disappointment. Not only because Facebook has blocked what they believe to be legitimate, but also because of the Open-Xchange rate up too much control of personal information users.

If you want to see what happens when a company controls your personal data to their advantage, this is for example, said Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange.

Facebook also blocked the Google Chrome browser service named Facebook Friend Finder, which allows users to export Facebook contacts via e-mail address, a feature that is now popular with the launch of Google Plus. A matter of time access is also blocked Google+Facebook and Facebook and Google Plus never collaborated.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apple and Android security systems endangered

ShoutBloger: Smart phone users with IOS operating system and Android should be more vigilant. Because, one of 20 Apple and Android phones can be infected by malicious software. Thus claimed by a security company.

Mickey Boodaei, chief executive Trusteer claim that fraudsters have taken two steps ahead and raised concerns about security, especially from Google Android operating system.

The alleged fraudster has all the tools they need to change mobile malware into the biggest security problem. Predicted, within 12 to 24 months, more than one phone in the scale of 1 to 20 or 5.6 percent of all Android phones and apple can be infected by mobile malware if the fraudsters have begun to integrate what is known as the vulnerability 'zero day' threat not anticipated in their attacks.

Android security architecture is not able to resist such attacks, he said, as quoted from the Telegraph website. The fraudsters can easily build applications to have access to operating system resources such as text messaging, voice, web traffic, and more.

How, install the application and get a message to the list in the brains of the operation, then the application will require access to an extensive list of brain surgery. This application was finally going to build an application with a dangerous scam that stole identities and bank accounts of users.

There are no real controls that can identify and prevent the spread of malicious applications on an online application store. Compared to Apple's App Store, Android Market is more dangerous he said.

While Google has removed many rogue applications on Android market, Boodaei said, the identification and removal of malicious applications on Android market still needs major repairs. He said that the program of financial fraud that occurred at other phones now appear in the android platform.

He also warned of vulnerabilities in IOS allows malicious websites to jailbreak (inroad) on the phone and transmit malware undetected.

This week Google Plus reaches 20 million users

ShoutBloger: High enthusiasm of Internet users to Google Plus, many observers predict the social networking site owned by Mountain View based company that will reach 20 million at weekend.

The predictions did not seem so impossible to remember last week Google has recorded 10 million users. In fact, there were approximately 7.3 million accounts Google Plus activated on July 10.

Popularity very quickly creates a successful Google Plus invite so many new users even launched early last July. Not surprisingly, social networking is claimed as a serious threat to Facebook.

After noting the impressive achievements last week, Google Plus was allegedly going to solve a new record in the near future. That's according to Paul Allen from Ancestry.com that has been watching the developments carefully the Google Plus.

I think Google will be able to exceed 10 million in the near future, even reaching 20 million users at the weekend if they continue to provide Invite Button, Allen said as quoted by T3 on Wednesday July 13, 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Finally Released E-Reader

ShoutBloger: Google has demonstrated its seriousness in the realm of digital books (e-book) in the past year. Now, Google has finally released his first e-reader, iRiver Story HD.

Produced by the South Korean electronics company iRiver, iRiver will be priced at $ 140 will be marketed starting 17 July. E-reader allows readers to access collections of digital books in Google library of high resolution screen and equipped with e-ink and qwerty keyboard.

iRiver Story HD is a new achievement for us, where iriver became the first manufacturer to launch an e-reader which is integrated with Google's ebook, said Google Product Manager Books Pratip Banerji as quoted in Straits Times on Tuesday July 12, 2011.

E-reader provides access to over the air to hundreds of thousands of paid and millions of digital books are provided free of charge by Google, said Banerji.

The presence of e-reader last owned by Google is definitely making the competition between the two other major players, Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook), increasingly fierce. Google itself launched an online electronic book store his eBook store, December 2010.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New changes of Facebook chat really make the user confused

ShoutBloger: Not all Facebook users use Facebook chat feature. Many of them choose offline for comfortable and undisturbed access chat from people who are unwanted.

Unfortunately, Facebook suddenly make changes that really make the user confused. Normally, to set the chat whether online or not, simply click on the right. However, for new users who see it, Facebook chat is usually offline suddenly online instantly.

To search for anything it takes some time to be able to make arrangements. Therefore, for those who do not want to chat on Facebook, simply click on the online chat icon at the bottom right corner, after a chat window open, on the right hand corner looks the icon, simply click and deselect the text available to chat.

These changes are considered not respect the privacy of users because when you login, chats online suddenly. Unlike previous arrangements, one can choose whether online or not. When clicking on the chat window so the user will be online immediately without notice.

These changes after Facebook announced a partnership with Skype to bring video chat service. Skype video calling service known as the largest in the virtual world with average visitors per month who used it reaches millions of users to use regular.

HTC Thunderbolt is a Smartphone with the most expensive component

ShoutBloger: HTC Thunderbolt handsets Smartphone touted as the most expensive component compared with other products. This is seen in the dismantling of mobile phone components 'lightning' is.

Thunderbolt that was circulated in the United States by Verizon was dismantled by the IHS iSuppli teardown Analysis Service. The prices of materials totaled USD 262.

According to iSuppli, the overall price of the Android based phone material is the highest of all the Smartphone’s that they had dismantled. Even at prices approaching the tablet components.

Compared to the iPhone 4 CDMA, for example more expensive components of HTC Thunderbolt. iPhone 4 CDMA according to iSuppli components for a total of USD 171.35. Costly Thunderbolt mainly due to the presence of the 4G LTE technology in it.

Reporting from PCMag on Monday July 11, 2011, Thunderbolt is the most expensive component in the sector of 4G LTE wireless standard, which cost USD 39.75. The most expensive is the use of LTE baseband chips Qualcomm MDM9600 for USD 29.

The latest generation iPhone 5 rumored also will have LTE technology. If so, Apple should spend more money on the sector component of such technology to bury the Apple iPhone 5.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

PlayStation 4 Begins Production This Year

ShoutBloger: After the news that Sony will present its next generation PlayStation 4 (PS4), this year's Sony doing the production stage soon. Masaru Kato, the Chief Financial Officer also gave a positive signal.

The report said that if Sony will cooperate with Taiwanese company Foxconn and Pegatron Tech i.e., in making the PS4. PlayStation 4 will reportedly support Microsoft's proprietary technologies such as Kinect.

As quoted from techtree on Saturday July 9, 2011, Masaru Kato the Chief Financial Officer at this time revealed that Sony was working on the project at the stage of research and development.

Initially, officials estimated the Sony PlayStation 3 will last up to ten years. But lately, they began to doubt these estimates. They assume, at the latest PlayStation 3 can last for at least eight years.

On the other hand, during the Sony maintains PS3, Nintendo as its largest competitor has announced a new gaming device, Nintendo Wii U which will start shipping in 2012.

Circulating rumors, Sony's own plans to ship 20 million units next year PlayStation 4. April, Sony announced it had sold 50 million units of PS3. For now, companies from Japan's central focus on improving the ability of the PlayStation Vita handheld gaming devices.

3DS consoles technology not owned Nintendo?

ShoutBloger: Japan's leading gaming companies Nintendo accused of stealing patented technology that allows 3DS consoles devices they do not require special glasses. The news is getting attention because the company that filed the lawsuit was founded by rivals of Nintendo, Sony.

Based on reports from gaming news site Gamasutra, Tomita Technologies, which has more than 100 patents, claims to be the owner of the patent for the technology on a 3DS handheld console. The technology allows users to enjoy a three dimensional graphics in 3DS without having to wear special glasses.

As reported by Thinq.co.uk on Saturday July 9, 2011, Tomita explains that there are some companies that have filed license to use the technology. But Nintendo did not include them.

Creation of a 3D display method described in the patent Tomita is consistent with that used the Nintendo handheld console. Even so, many questioned whether Nintendo deserve to be accused of patent infringement allegations.

Because the screens were developed by another Japanese electronics company, Sharp. Could be, sharp was the more deserves to be the 'target' of the demands of Tomita.

However Tomita still insist that Nintendo has intentionally violated the patent technology belongs to them. The suit was filed approximately two weeks ago, where Tomita was allegedly asked for damages in the amount of Nintendo.

Until this news was revealed, the Nintendo has not been willing to provide comment.

Friday, July 8, 2011

YouTube testing a dramatic new look

ShoutBloger: Who does not know the sharing site YouTube? The site is accessible to millions of people each day. Now, the site owned by Google's testing dramatic new look.

According to reports TechCrunch, YouTube agreed to the project named 'Cosmic Panda' property. Now, the video sharing site that is testing a dramatic redesign of its site. According to the YouTube description, this project aims to provide a sleek look on these sites.

These changes include a completely new view of the video player, playlist and a variety of page designs, improved editing tools and other channels. Users could try to design the new YouTube here.

YouTube also offers an older version for users who want it. According to the news of the YouTube blog, the Google-owned video sharing site that wants to know the response to its users who have tried Cosmic Panda.

We want to hear your response. This great opportunity we can use to design the future of YouTube.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

iPad 3 launched before Christmas

ShoutBloger: Apple reportedly plans to launch a new flagship tablet, Apple iPad 3 before the end of this year with a dramatic improvement in screen resolution, According to a report it said they would also launch a new product on the MacBook Air this month.

As quoted from metro.co.uk, according to sources in the industry, the iPad 3 is scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2011 which means it will be launched during busy Christmas market.

Based on the newspaper which has a sufficient record with predictions reportedly Apple iPad 3 will have a screen resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels, which means six times the number of pixels on the screen iPad 2 today, and will make it resemble the features of the iPad 3 "Retina Display" like the one on the iPhone.

This is not the first time rumors Apple will launch the new iPad second model in 2011 revealed-before iPad is launched, several veteran observers have speculated that Apple products Apple will launch the iPad 3 before the end of this year, in order to keep one step ahead of the competition and move the iPad in the launch schedule is better placed to benefit from the bustle of shopping during the holidays.

Reportedly still in the secrets with an annual schedule that they keep secret so far. Reasonable potential to be great additions to the resolution of the screen also seems a bit longer overtaken though not completely ruled out.

What sounds would be more like other parts of the report, which acknowledged that Apple will launch an updated version of the product Macbook Air Ultra portable notebooks in this month's newest.

Relationship with previous reports that Apple will update the macbook line of water in this month, will reportedly add a sandy bridge Intel platform more resilient, and will also include a connection option "Thunderbolt" for the new high speed data transfer.

Apple preparing 15 Million Units of iPhone 5

ShoutBloger: Taiwanese computer manufacturing Pegatron Technology, allegedly has won the tender to set up 15 million units of Apple iPhone 5 handset. Shipment itself will begin in September.

Similarly, the latest rumors related to the presence of a fifth generation of iPhone that was launched Cellular News on Wednesday July 6, 2011.

Based on the DigiTimes report, Pegatron successfully won the bid thanks to its partnership with Apple to model its CDMA iPhone 4. In addition, Pegratron factory in Shanghai China, recently rumored to also start recruiting workers to meet demand for Apple.

Furthermore, some sources also claim that the iPhone 5 will not get a massive upgrade over previous versions.

Some time ago, Apple released the iPhone 4 unlocked versions, not bound by contract with a particular operator as before. This action is considered to observers as a signal for the immediate launch of Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 will reportedly use the A5 dual core processors and compatible with the network based on CDMA and GSM (dual sim card). In addition, iconic handheld devices are also allegedly carrying a camera with high resolution at 8 megapixels.

Monday, July 4, 2011

GooApple 3G, a combination of iPhone 4 and Android

ShoutBloger: iPhone 4 is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. But unfortunately, the price is expensive to make, not everyone can have a phone. Then, is there any similar phones with the iPhone based smartphones (eg Android) at affordable prices?

In the market, a lot of smartphones similar to the iPhone 4 made in China. However, the survey 8 out of 10 smartphones copycat iPhone has a very poor quality of the software and does not have adequate specifications to be compared with the iPhone.

However, GooApple 3G probably different from the others. Quoted from PandaApp on June 20, 2011, a smartphone that this one has a view that is identical to iPhone 4, but have the Android operating system. Interestingly, it also modified the operating system looks similar to IOS.

Official Site GooApple 3G, manufacturers smartphones made in China does not explain further about the specifics. But from the information circulated, it has a 3.5 inch capacitive screen, 3G connectivity (WCDMA), Wi-Fi, GPS, 5MP camera at the back, and have a Qualcomm processor (600MHz speed possible).

From the hardware side, this phone has a thickness of 9.3 millimeters. Exactly the same as that made Apple's iPhone 4. She also wore a frame made from stainless steel and coated with aluminosilicate glass panels, such as mobile phones which he mimicked the design.

From the software side, Android 2.2 Froyo operating system used was equipped with additional attractive features like Wi-Fi hotsopt and Bluetooth/USB tethering. Unfortunately there is no further information about the price of the product concerned.

Facebook will launch Video Chat this week

ShoutBloger: Facebook was mentioned was preparing a surprise this weekend. Largest social networking site that reportedly will launch a video chat service. This new service is a form of cooperation Facebook and Skype.

Rumors are circulating fast after last Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he would launch something special in the near future. The statement also makes a lot of speculation, one of them about the Facebook video chat.

Currently Facebook users can only communicate through text messages quickly. However, reportedly, Skype and Facebook have mutually agreed to integrate the video chat service on Facebook.

If the rumors are true, then the Skype currently has 170 million active users will profit. They will benefit from 750 million users of Facebook today.

Scoping Facebook and Skype is already happening since last year. The news circulated earlier, the two companies plan to collaborate through voice chat service, the integration of instant messaging, and Facebook Connect. Now the news developed into a video chat.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sales of Samsung Galaxy S II reach 3 million units

ShoutBloger: Having sold over one million units in just one month after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy S II is now known to successfully sell over 3 million units.

Introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2011, Galaxy II represents our most advanced Smartphone also shows Samsung's commitment to bring devices to premium market, JK Shin uhar as President and Head of Mobile Communications Business Samsung as quote Cellular News on Sunday July 3, 2011.

This achievement illustrates the strong support given by our operator partners around the world who have chosen Galaxy II as their Android device, Shin added.

Mid-June, local media reported that two South Korean operator SK Telecom famous dam KT Corp. has sold approximately 850 thousand units of Galaxy S II. While LG Corp is rumored to sell 150 thousand units.

Galaxy S II has a thinner and lighter design than the version of the original Galaxy is in late April and has sold more than 14 million units since its launch in July 2010.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Join to Google +

ShoutBloger: Google + touted as a major threat to Facebook. No wonder if Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook co-founder and boss watch Google's presence. In fact, he reportedly helped become members of the inaugural Google +.

As reported, Google + has released limited to a few users who were invited by Google. Well apparently, Zuckerberg including one who received the invitation.

Some people who currently can try Google + may find Mark Zuckerberg profile. Zuckerberg had some profiles that are likely false, but there is one that he made the original assessed.

One of the marker, your profile picture on account Zuckerberg reportedly not found in any internet source. So it's possible, he himself is stapled, possibly via a laptop webcam and upload them.

Later, friends Zuckerberg is in the profile part is the employees of Facebook. These include Facebook CTO, Arjun Banker or the Product Manager Justin Shaffer.

Excerpted from the Geek on Friday July 1, 2011, seen in profile photo of Zuckerberg unpleasant facial expression. Does he feel Google + Facebook is a threat to glory?

HP TouchPad targeted for beat Apple iPad

ShoutBloger: Hewlett Packard (HP) has launched its latest tablet PC HP TouchPad. HP tried to dethrone the dominance iPad sales and revive the fortunes of HP that had fallen.

Currently TouchPad go on sale to the distributor of the United States, such as Best Buy and Wal Mart, and can be purchased through Amazon.com, HP said in a statement.

As quoted by the Straits Times on Saturday July 2, 2011. This is done so HP can sell the product immediately in various countries, including Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Canada. In addition, sales of which will then be followed to Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

Not like the Apple iPad, HP TouchPad has been supports Adobe Flash video format. These applications can run on any operating system WebOS, developed by Palm, who is also a pioneer of mobile devices that have been acquired by HP last year.

HP TauchPad debuted to a variety of mixed reviews and wanted to show its seriousness to challenge the iPad, although the later will have difficulty.
Last month, the Apple said it has been doing sales of 25 million units since the release of the first generation iPad in April 2010 and the second generation in March, the iPad 2.

It seems that HP will not easily rival the success of the sale of Apple products like the iPad. But the optimism of HP's noteworthy to see HP TouchPad is one tablet a sophisticated and able to compete in world markets.

In addition to the current iPad tablet PCs in many emerging market such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, Motorola Xoom and dozens of other tablets that have been applying the other Google Android operating system. This shows that HP's rivals are not just Apple but there are many others.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg now richer than the Google founders

ShoutBloger: More luck blanketed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Last news even mention if the former Harvard student is now richer than the two Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Rapid personal wealth soared youth most popular social networking site that one of them is predicted thanks to the new investment coming into Facebook.

Earlier this week, a company called GSV Capital Corp. purchased 225 thousand shares of Facebook at a price per share average is USD 29.28. This increases the value of Facebook shares to be in the range of USD 70 billion.

Quoted by the Times of India on Friday July 1, 2011, this new investment, according to Time magazine also increase the coffers of Zuckerberg's wealth to $ 18 billion. After the early years, 'just' touching USD 13.5 billion figure.

Amazingly, now the amount of property believed to have exceeded the duo Zuckerberg founder of Google - Sergey Brin and Larry Page - whose wealth is estimated to decline to $ 17 billion from USD 19.8 billion in March.

With the new valuation, Zuckerberg outperformed the two Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, whose wealth is estimated to have declined, the Times reports.

These estimates also make Zuckerberg became the richest person in the world's number three in the technology sector, after Bill Gates of Microsoft and Larry Ellison of Oracle.

Currently Gates still has a net worth of USD 56 billion, while Ellison pocketed a net worth of USD 39.5 billion at the same time placing it as the world's fifth richest billionaire.

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