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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Plus learning from the success of Facebook and Zynga

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ShoutBloger: End of this month, Google plans to release a game application in conjunction with Google Plus releases final version of the Google Plus project. Game application running on this platform will allegedly be playable more quickly by gamers and more profitable for its developers.

For each application that is downloaded and purchased, 70% more than the revenue will be given to the developers. The largest percentage given to developers compared to those given by Apple and Facebook.

Social gaming market in the United States is currently worth $ 1 billion and continues to grow so prospective and lucrative. With the steady growth rate, estimated in 2015 its value will reach 5 billion dollars.

The majority of revenues derived from the social games on Facebook platform, which currently has 750 million users. The total number of social gamers across the world there are 250 million people where 50-75 million of them will pay to acquire the game's virtual goods or shopping (Premium model).

Seeing that there infografis, the United States is ranked first in the number of players with 53 million followed by England in second place with 17.5 million and Germany was third with 17 million. Interestingly, the majority of gamers are female users in the United States and Britain, with a percentage by 51% and 56%.

Meanwhile, in other countries, men dominate gamers with almost equal percentages ranged between 51% and 52%. From the age factor, the majority of gamers are aged 20-34 years by 40%, followed by gamers aged 34-49 years with 23% and 13 - 19 years with 19%.

Google and Zynga
Some time ago it seems that Google is looking for a figure to occupy the position of Product Manager of Games as stated in one of the job openings at one reputable website.

While Eric Schmidt, who last week visited Jakarta and a keynote speaker at the Regional Entrepreneurship Summit in Bali, plans to collaborate with Zynga, a social gaming application developers to create the world's largest social gaming application on the Google platform.

Last year Google has invested $ 200 million in Zynga who demonstrate their commitment to jump in the realm of social gaming. Most likely, given the allocation of social gaming will stream the game itself so that the status update will not disturb the overall existing stream.

Farmville clear success story has invited interest in the giants of cyberspace, conventional game development company and its competitors to acquire Zynga, Playfish.

Social Game on Google Plus
Platform games on Google Plus is expected to use Google's own technology from the Native Client is already introduced at the Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco last May. Using this technology, the game can be played directly using a browser Chrome and Chrome the operating system without requiring plug-ins.

Why? Because the use Unity as a programming tool does not require Web Player to be installed prior to running the Unity content like other programming tools on other platforms.

Currently a web-based applications and games are still "little" compared with desktop applications so it is difficult to find web-based applications and games are quality. If you find any good game, gamers must download a plug-in before you can perform the installation in which the activity of these downloads often fail.

At the same event, Vikas Gupta, introduced the App Payments Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to buy applications quite easily with just a click away and available for users and buyers in the application of more than 140 countries. Currently all web application developers already have access to the App Payments wherever these web applications are included as well when it is released in Chrome webstore.

Google will only take a percentage of 5% of every app sold. Unfortunately, for now, the new facility is available to developers in the United States.

With this technology, the performance of (social) game to be better than the performance of Flash games and Facebook. Unity development tool has the advantage of being able to safely execute the native code. This code will communicate with the Application Programming Interface (API) in order to access special audio files, video, input, 3D and others.

Expected number of gaming applications in Chrome webstore will skyrocket and the course can be played by Google Plus users who have reached 20 million people around the world.

For gamers and plusser, let us look forward with the first game Zynga collaboration and Google in Google Plus.

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