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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teachers and Students prohibited making friends on Facebook

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ShoutBloger: Missouri, the state one of the states in the United States U.S., will soon impose a ban for students to make friends with their teacher on the social networking site 'Facebook'.

According to the Missouri Senate Bill 54 regulations that will apply starting on August 28, any social networking, not just Facebook, is prohibited for the friendship between teacher and pupil. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable on Monday August 1, 2011.

This is done in order to clarify the boundary between the students with the teacher. But it seems the rules only lead to relationships in social media alone. The teachers are still allowed to create Facebook Pages, which can be accessed by students.

Contact relationships between students and teachers on Facebook will be exposed to the law. Senate Bill 54 regulations designed to protect children from sexual customer actions of teachers. Finally, regulation is inevitably followed by the schools, and socialized to the parties the police.

The concern of the observers after the rule is applied is, whether society will allow the state to check each account up to see them in touch with whom? This is all the homework that should be considered further.

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