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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Join to Google +

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ShoutBloger: Google + touted as a major threat to Facebook. No wonder if Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook co-founder and boss watch Google's presence. In fact, he reportedly helped become members of the inaugural Google +.

As reported, Google + has released limited to a few users who were invited by Google. Well apparently, Zuckerberg including one who received the invitation.

Some people who currently can try Google + may find Mark Zuckerberg profile. Zuckerberg had some profiles that are likely false, but there is one that he made the original assessed.

One of the marker, your profile picture on account Zuckerberg reportedly not found in any internet source. So it's possible, he himself is stapled, possibly via a laptop webcam and upload them.

Later, friends Zuckerberg is in the profile part is the employees of Facebook. These include Facebook CTO, Arjun Banker or the Product Manager Justin Shaffer.

Excerpted from the Geek on Friday July 1, 2011, seen in profile photo of Zuckerberg unpleasant facial expression. Does he feel Google + Facebook is a threat to glory?

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