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Saturday, July 9, 2011

3DS consoles technology not owned Nintendo?

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ShoutBloger: Japan's leading gaming companies Nintendo accused of stealing patented technology that allows 3DS consoles devices they do not require special glasses. The news is getting attention because the company that filed the lawsuit was founded by rivals of Nintendo, Sony.

Based on reports from gaming news site Gamasutra, Tomita Technologies, which has more than 100 patents, claims to be the owner of the patent for the technology on a 3DS handheld console. The technology allows users to enjoy a three dimensional graphics in 3DS without having to wear special glasses.

As reported by Thinq.co.uk on Saturday July 9, 2011, Tomita explains that there are some companies that have filed license to use the technology. But Nintendo did not include them.

Creation of a 3D display method described in the patent Tomita is consistent with that used the Nintendo handheld console. Even so, many questioned whether Nintendo deserve to be accused of patent infringement allegations.

Because the screens were developed by another Japanese electronics company, Sharp. Could be, sharp was the more deserves to be the 'target' of the demands of Tomita.

However Tomita still insist that Nintendo has intentionally violated the patent technology belongs to them. The suit was filed approximately two weeks ago, where Tomita was allegedly asked for damages in the amount of Nintendo.

Until this news was revealed, the Nintendo has not been willing to provide comment.

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