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Monday, July 11, 2011

New changes of Facebook chat really make the user confused

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ShoutBloger: Not all Facebook users use Facebook chat feature. Many of them choose offline for comfortable and undisturbed access chat from people who are unwanted.

Unfortunately, Facebook suddenly make changes that really make the user confused. Normally, to set the chat whether online or not, simply click on the right. However, for new users who see it, Facebook chat is usually offline suddenly online instantly.

To search for anything it takes some time to be able to make arrangements. Therefore, for those who do not want to chat on Facebook, simply click on the online chat icon at the bottom right corner, after a chat window open, on the right hand corner looks the icon, simply click and deselect the text available to chat.

These changes are considered not respect the privacy of users because when you login, chats online suddenly. Unlike previous arrangements, one can choose whether online or not. When clicking on the chat window so the user will be online immediately without notice.

These changes after Facebook announced a partnership with Skype to bring video chat service. Skype video calling service known as the largest in the virtual world with average visitors per month who used it reaches millions of users to use regular.

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