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Monday, June 13, 2011

7 Things You Need to Know about Nintendo Wii U

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ShoutBloger: In accordance predictions, Nintendo showcased the Nintendo Wii U game console. Here are some things that should be known about Nintendo Wii U:

1. Pricing and marketing schedule

Marketing schedule the Wii U in 2012. But Nintendo has not announced how much its price range.

2. Nintendo Wii U console is Full HD 1080p

Wii U is compatible with high definition graphics. John Riccitello as boss Electronics Arts (EA) claimed that the HD graphics on the Wii U appear brilliant.

Imagine games like Battlefield with stunning graphics and smooth animation of Frosbite engine, brought to you via the Nintendo system with this brilliant controllers. We can not wait to see EA games here, he said.

3. Wii U has a touch screen controller

Wii U controller features the innovative form of touch screen measuring 6.2 inches. This controller has dual analog sticks, D Pad, front camera, microphone, acelerometer, gyroscope, and the start button/select/home.

Every Wii U console comes with controllers and also the Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus. Nintendo Wii U System can play all the games before the Wii and its accessories.

4. Users can play games via the touch screen controller

In addition to controlling the game, the screen on the Wii U controller can be used to play games. The concept is, if you happen to television screens in use the other inhabitants of the house, gamers can still play. Similarly, if they want to play in rooms that are not available television.

Until now, home game consoles must use a television screen to be played. This new controller has a 6.2 inch screen which means you do not have to worry if someone wants to see the television show, said Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president.

5. Wii U can make video calls

In the demo, the Wii U can make video calls via the touch screen controller is equipped with a camera. Users also can share the content from the controller to the television screen, for example, photo content.

6. Wii U controller could not function alone

Wii U not touch the Wii controller handheld console that can function in isolation, but need to be connected with the Wii U console. Obviously, this is not a competitor such as the PlayStation Portable game console Vita.

7. Wii U games will be plentiful

Manufacturers of such famous games EA, Ubisoft, Sega and others are planning to make games for Wii U, themes and even games with heavy graphics. Tekken, Assasins's Creed, Batman Arkham City until Ghost Recon demonstrated for Wii U Online.

It is said the game will not look far adrift from the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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