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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Which is safer iPad or Android Tablet?

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ShoutBloger: The two most common choices if you want to use the tablet are iPad or Android based tablet. But which of the two is more secure?

According Raiu Costin, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Labs, a security model that is in the iPad is actually better than Android. However, Apple provides many restrictions on the device, such as carrier lock and others.

Restrictions of Apple making a lot of parties interested in trying it apart or better known as the jailbreak. In fact, according to Costin, a greater security risk would appear from the jailbreak.

As for Android tablet devices, Costin said there was an update of the operating system that is less reliable. Sometimes, when it would update the device it crashes, he said.

However, Costin did not want to give a firm recommendation whether users would be safer to use iPad or Android tablet.

What can we recommend is, do not jailbreak or root? Do not use a public Wi-Fi. Do not use a simple PIN or password. And do not keep a secret document on the device, he said.

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