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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Microsoft prepare Tulalip to compete with Facebook and Google Plus

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ShoutBloger: Microsoft is preparing to compete in the realm of social networking site, after the emergence of a recently leaked.

On Thursday, July 14, 2011, Microsoft was accidentally published a page that advertises a social project under the domain of Microsoft, socl.com.

The project was named Tulalip, will make users Finding what you need and share what you know is easier than ever.

A screenshot of the prototype design depicts a green rectangle with the "Welcome" word above brief description of the social networking service.

Features that display that allows users to connect through Facebook and Twitter. However, no mention of Google newly launched feature, Google Plus.

It also features links that have not been running, See how it works, Privacy Statement, and Terms of Service.

This page was immediately removed by Microsoft and replaced with a message indicating the error.

Thank you for stopping by. Socl.com is an internal design project from a team at Microsoft Research who mistakenly published to the web. We do not intend to do, honestly, the message in Socl.com.

Early prototype was spotted by a blogger who identified as JB, who wrote about it in Fusible.com.

Fusible posting reads: Domain four letters socl.com will complement bing.com. Although the site is not operational, visitors can get an idea where Microsoft runs a service called Tulalip it.

Realm of social networking web is becoming increasingly attractive to technology companies as more and more visitors spend time at popular sites.

The average U.S. visitor spends 375 minutes on Facebook in May, compared with 231 minutes for Google.

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