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Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazon launches tablet to rival the Apple iPad

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ShoutBloger: Success dominate the online retail, Amazon began to expand in the area of the tablet PC. Having previously successfully launched Kindle, digital reading devices for reading, Amazon plans to make a Amazon tablet PC.

Seemed to want to compete with Apple Inc. After previously competing in the market of digital books, digital music, and mobile applications, the competition continues on the tablet PC market. Today, Apple did dominate the tablet market with the success of the Apple iPad.

As quoted from the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is rumored to have plans tablet computers released in October. Thus, the plan is expected to synergize with digital content that has long produced the Amazon. During this time, Amazon digital content does have a disadvantage in not compatible with its appliances.

Leaks from the Wall Street Journal, which will be launched Amazon tablet will have a 9 inch screen size. The tablet will use Google operating system, Android. These tablets are not equipped with a camera.

The tablet is, have advantages over the Kindle. Users will be able to watch movies, play music, or reading digital books, can downloaded from Amazon.com.

Reportedly, Amazon is still developing this tablet product. But in the near future, will soon ask for help from Asian manufacturing companies.

No comment yet from Amazon about this tablet. But a newspaper called the South Korean manufacturing companies, Samsung, will soon be towed Amazon developed the device.

Previously, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Amazon will also mention the indications in the market competing devices. When Consumer Reports asked about the possibility of making tablets, Bezos replied that possibility. We always thought if we want to dedicate themselves to the devices for reading. In the form of any of the products we will introduce, Bezos said, as quoted from Consumer Reports.

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