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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chromezone the Google's first gadget shop

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ShoutBloger: Chromezone Google opened its first store gadgets owned by Google. The popular search engine chose the British capital, London, as the location of a store called Chromezone store.

Chromezone held at the Tottenham Court Road, London. This store is tested Google to sell Chromebook, a laptop with OS Chrome homemade, made with several technology vendors such as Acer and Samsung.

Chromebook is a laptop that functions mostly rely on internet connection. Previously, these laptops are only sold online. Now, consumers can view it directly at the store could ask direct Google and its capabilities.

Google steps to make your own shop and follow the Apple Store Microsoft Store. However Chromezone not be compared with them because it is still testing and selling of goods is still limited. Google intends to open more such stores in the future.

Experts Chromebook will offer guidance and advice for buyers, the Google statement, as quoted by the Telegraph on Sunday October 2, 2011. Google is also opening stores indicates the seriousness of Google in the hardware market.

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