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Friday, October 14, 2011

Google will open the MP3 store

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ShoutBloger: Google plans to expand the Google cloud-based music service or cloud computing that previously were limited. The popular search engine is in talks with major record labels to realize this and immediately open the MP3 Store.

Google's negotiation efforts undertaken by several major record labels aims to increase the number of songs that can be stored in the cloud. It is also an effort to compete with Apple and Amazon.

As quoted by Ubergizmo on Friday October 14, 2011, the company also claims it will soon open a music store or Google MP3 Store. This is certainly very likely being realized, given that Google already have cloud services, namely Music Beta.

Google's cloud services owned it allows users to store their songs on the server and can also put it to your phone or other device.

The technology is owned by Google is already better and is expected to further improve the service music. But if Google can beat Apple's dominance that have made iTunes first.

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