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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Google Buzz finally closed

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ShoutBloger: For those Google Buzz users, begin to say goodbye to the application made by Google it. Google certainly would eliminate the service.

As reported by PC World on Saturday October 15, 2011, Google Buzz launched in February 2010, was originally created to of rival the success of Twitter. Function was not much different, you can share your status, photos, videos and links with your friends through your Gmail account.

Unfortunately, Google Buzz is a nightmare for Google. Google Buzz shows all owner contact email users, so that strangers can see the contacts that have been connected with Buzz users.

While Google has apologized, but his reputation already damaged, Google's failure even to protests from the Federal Communications Commission, which requires Google to improve privacy concerns of users.

Even if the privacy of the Buzz is not problematic, it may not be very attractive interest, considering that this application is similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Google also will remove some of its projects in addition to Google Buzz, which is iGoogle and Jaiku, like Twitter service that Google acquired in 2007. Those services will be closed on January 15, while Google Buzz will disappear in a few weeks.

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