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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Google Earth has been downloaded 1 billion times

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ShoutBloger: Google Parties announced that one of their services, the Google Earth, have now been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

As quoted by Mashable on Thursday October 6, 2011, Google Earth, a service that was six years old, has been downloaded by one-seventh of the human being on Earth.

Google Earth maps to announce that the software has been downloaded one billion times. For your among the 6 billion people who have not downloaded Google Earth, then made haste, because the application is now offering navigation and satellite images of Earth that is now better.

Technology in Google Earth originally developed by Keyhole, a company Google bought in 2001. Five years later, Google Earth more and more popular, because of its ability to integrate with other tools and applications.

After considerable success in mapping the mainland, Google also had stated that they would focus on Google Earth to the marine field.

Google Earth will begin to focus to the field of maritime affairs, because there are a lot of information to be had there, said Michael Jones, Google's Chief Technology Advocate.

Michael says that expands to feature in Google Earth Ocean will help many in the field of marine science and in general.

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