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Monday, September 26, 2011

Google Docs changed the name into Google Drive

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ShoutBloger: One of Google services reported that Google Docs will experience a rebranding. With that refresher action, Google seems to be reinforced cloud storage services.

This news blows when a blogger and social media consultant, Johannes Wigand took a screenshot in an event sponsored by Google.

In the screenshots it looks an interface similar to Google Docs. However, in the upper left corner, rather than printed name 'Docs', which is written 'Drive'.

So is the menu folder, found a different label in which he was not saying 'My Collections' but saying 'My Google Drive', as quoted by VentureBeat on Monday September 26, 2011.

If it's true Google Drive is present, then it could be a competitor of online storage services like Box.net and Dropbox. All of these services do have the ability to synchronize with a local file.

Google Docs itself been widely used as a virtual hard drive. Various kinds of documents can be stored here such as photos, videos, PDF files, and others. By changing the name, the user certainly would be easier to 'understand' the service.

For matters of pricing, Google Docs to fix prices more expensive than similar services.

By comparison, Google provides 1GB of storage for free with an option to purchase 20GB for USD 5, while Dropbox offers 2GB of free and 50GB per month with a price of USD 10.

Box.net service it offers more storage capacity that is a free 5GB and 50GB and costs USD 10 a month.

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