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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet launched in 2012

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ShoutBloger: Not yet officially launched the Amazon Kindle Fire android tablets, but the Amazon is to launch a second tablet early next year.

As quoted from the IT ProPortal on Wednesday September 28, 2011, Amazon seems to be launching the second version of Amazon tablets to be launched a few months after the launch of Kindle Fire tablet in the second week in November, according to an article published by Gdgt.

The article also mentions that the Amazon Kindle Fire is considered a refinement of the Kindle tablet, which should be launched since the beginning of 2011.

Both of Amazon tablet would be different from each other. According to some sources, Kindle Fire tablets much inspired from the BlackBerry Playbook, which design and manufacture are handled by ODM Quanta.

Additionally, Kindle Fire will be shipped with several built-in features like the Amazon store applications, service music, books, movies, videos and others.

Kindle Fire tablet expected to be sold for USD250 to USD300, making it as one tablet cheapest on the market. For comparison, Amazon Kindle $ 100 cheaper than the Apple iPad, which cost USD399,99.

While the tablets are called by Gdgt second version will be launched in the first quarter of 2012, every few weeks with the Apple iPad 3.

Unfortunately, there has not been announced officially by Amazon detailed specifications of both devices.

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