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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Android Market is blocked in China

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ShoutBloger: Android users in central China in the throes of a matter of downloading the application into the phone. For local authorities to block access to Android Market, the official online store for Android applications.

According Blocked in China, a website that analyzes whether a site is blocked or not in China, the Android Market did not able or very difficult to access by local users. It is not known why the Android Market got blocked.

According to analyst Ben Cavender of China Market Research, the situation will be quite hurt Google's view of the large Chinese market. Indeed there is an alternative to download Android applications but still not as good as the Android Market.

China's mobile market is very competitive and consumers to upgrade her cell phone nine months. That is, they can very quickly migrate to another OS if not satisfied, said Cavender.

Could be Windows Phone or iPhone handset will be benefited with its Android Market blocked. Moreover, if the closure occurs in long-term access.

Google is often a problem with the government of China, where most services often get blocked. Similarly, as reported by ZDNet on Tuesday October 11, 2011.

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