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Monday, October 10, 2011

Microsoft employees leaked the Xbox 720

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ShoutBloger: Although no official statement from Microsoft, but the presence of a device that is believed to be the Microsoft Xbox 720 does not seem figment. One by one the employees involved had revealed his true identity.

For example Jeff Faulkner, who is known to have worked at Microsoft as Xbox Next Gen Creative Director since January 2011. Here Faulkner served for designing the user experience for the Xbox in social media, entertainment, to design the voice and gesture input.

Same with Faulkner, other employees that Jonathan Harris was known to have worked 14 months to design the next-generation entertainment console to Microsoft.

Then there is Joe Lagevin, one team of developers for the Xbox 720 hardware is reportedly testing a new console architecture that can process data faster than the Xbox 360.

Then the final clue came from Patrick Corrigan who has worked at Microsoft since February 2011. He was tasked to do branding the scheme as well as the release of the latest Xbox console would be.

Xbox 720 Leaks from the employees involved in manufacturing the Xbox was certainly reinforced the other indications on the existence of Xbox 720 trailers Real Steal some time ago. So that was quoted from gamerzone on Tuesday October 11, 2011.

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