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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Java SE7 JDK the latest Java Platform from Oracle with 7 advantages

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ShoutBloger: Oracle has just announced the launch of the Java platform standard edition 7 'Java SE7 JDK'. They claim that this latest Java will have a variety of convenience compared to previous versions.

It is said there are seven advantages Java SE7 JDK. The first is the change in language. Change language is said to Oracle can help developers to be more productive and produce programs with a simple syntax so it can be easily understood.

Next is an increase in support dynamic languages, like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. With the language support can improve performance on the JVM.

Third is the new multicore API that makes it easier for developers decompose the problem into parts that can later be executed in parallel. In addition there is also I/O interfaces are more comprehensive, network features and new security, support of internationalization, including the Unicode 6.0, and the last is the updated version is available a few libraries.

Java SE7 JDK the first was developed by Oracle to have compatibility with previous versions. So developers need not bother to adapt open JDK.

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