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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nokia and Samsung Mango phones will be coming soon

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ShoutBloger: Microsoft confirmed will soon release a phone based on Windows Phone Mango results of its cooperation with a number of leading mobile phone manufacturers, including Nokia and Samsung.

Phone Microsoft's Windows division President Andrew Lees, not want to mention the exact date of release of the cell phone. He was just sure, Nokia Mango phones, Samsung, and other brands, will be coming soon in a few weeks away.

Prices are down and markets that are being developed into a great opportunity. But we also do not forget our existing markets, in Western Europe and America. Because if prices go down, more and more people are drawn into the smartphone market, Andrew said as quoted by Reuters on Thursday October 20, 2011.

Currently dominated realm of smartphones Apple IOS phones and other mobile phones based on Android. Both ate a half portion of market share. While Microsoft is slow to react to the popularity of these mobile devices.

Some analysts argue Microsoft still has time to catch up in this sphere. The software giant could have exploited the situation of uncertainty among the handset makers Motorola Mobility after Google bought. As is known, purchase Motorola by Google could raise concerns that Google will be producing its own handsets.

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