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Friday, October 21, 2011

Xbox 720 will attend in June 2013

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ShoutBloger: The news about the Xbox 720 re-emergence of widely heard. Microsoft along with its industry partners reportedly will unveil the latest generation of the Xbox 720 in 2013.

Based on information compiled from various sources quoted from TG Daily alerts on Friday October 21, 2011, the latest games console from Microsoft is expected to appear in public for the first time in the event E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) held in June 2013.

The launch was actually planned after the introduction, expected in early 2014, said one source who knows this. While other sources are optimistic estimate this console will be available on the market before the holiday season 2013.

Xbox 720 is quite long discussed as a successor to the Xbox 360 that is older than five years. This news is more widely heard when AMD will officially declare the technology co-developed the console.

Xbox 720 name was again mentioned, because of the console game logo appears in the video trailer for the movie Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman.

Xbox 720

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