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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Samsung Smartphone sales exceeded the sales of Apple iPhone

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ShoutBloger: Samsung Electronics was shining brightly. South Korean companies surpassed Apple as number one smartphone manufacturer in the world in the period from July to September this year.

Research firm Strategy Analytics reported that Samsung reported profit more than doubled over the previous year, amounting to $ 2.2 billion. The advantage is fed from the 27.8 million unit sales of Samsung smartphones. Number of sales is up 44 percent over the previous quarter and jumped four-fold compared to last year.

On the handset division, Samsung does not have an opponent who is really strong challenge its products except the mighty iPhone. Apple and Samsung still will dominate the smartphone market in the fourth quarter, said Kim Hyun-joong, Manager of Midas Asset Management which owns shares in Samsung.

Reported by Reuters on Sunday October 30, 2011, the profits from the sales of Samsung smartphones accounted for 60 percent of Samsung's total profit.

While Apple, its iPhone sales reportedly shrank 16 percent to 17.1 million units in the third quarter. In this period the Samsung tasting cake portion in the global smartphone market share of 23.8 percent of the smartphone market, nine points higher than Apple.

Samsung current achievements are fairly brief, considering the new Samsung actually go into the smartphone market last year. While Apple has introduced the champion, the Apple iPhone since 2007.

Samsung vs Apple Sales

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