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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adobe releases Adobe Reader for Apple IOS

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ShoutBloger: Adobe PDF might be able to show dominance in the desktop market, but not so with the mobile market like the iPhone and the iPad.

Especially after the mobile device presents similar services such as GoodReader and released the Apple iBook. The advantage is clear, the services are not breastfed advertisements.

But it makes Adobe continues to innovate, by presenting the Adobe Reader for IOS. This application will be able to run on the iPhone and the iPad. Later the user can directly read the PDF on the web or email all applications connected IOS.

Adobe Reader for IOS launched by Digital Online on Thursday October 10, 2011, the interface in this PDF are of interest, users can search for text, and bookmark pages just by scrolling.

In addition the PDF-based messages can be raised or reduced the size of the text, and then can choose which features a direct copy of the text.

This new application comes only months after Adobe began launching CreatePDF that is worth $10 application that lets users convert documents originally created in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and StarOffice.

Unlike previous applications, Adobe Reader is a free application that is compatible with iPad, iPhone 3G or a device running IOS 4.2.5 and above.

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