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Monday, November 21, 2011

Symbian Carla and Donna, two names of the latest Symbian OS

latest Symbian OS
ShoutBloger: At Developer Day event in Mexico, Nokia inform the next version of Symbian Carla and Donna. Carla intended Smartphone with Symbian for mobile phones with 1GHz processor or higher to be released late 2012 or early 2013. This Symbian version will offer a new web browser, new widgets, new NFC capability, Dolby Surround enhancement on audio devices.

The minimum specification processor means all the devices Symbian ^3 and Symbian Anna (N8, C6-01, C7, E7, E6, X7-00) will not get this version.

Donna destined for Symbian mobile phone with dual-core processors, but in the interval of this release, most likely we do not see it before the end of 2013 or early 2014.

While Symbian Belle devices will now be updated again later this year while the device is Symbian ^3 will get new updates first quarter 2012 will likely be the last update to ^3 version and Anna.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Samsung redesign Galaxy 10.1 for the German market

ShoutBloger: Samsung has modified the design of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablets, as a follow-up to Apple's allegations of patent infringement in Germany. The tablets now have a new name, which is 10.1N.

Reported by Yahoo News on Thursday November 17, 2011, Samsung Galaxy 10.1N only have a few differences compared to version 10.1, which is banned in shops in Germany. Galaxy tablet 10.N in Germany now has some differences, such as the presence of a metal frame.

According to blogger Foss Patent, Florian Mueller, with the presence of this modification will help to avoid claims Apple Samsung. Apple claims the tablet violates intellectual property rights related to the design, so it banned in September.

It seems that this design resulted from collaboration between Samsung and German lawyer’s product design group, said Mueller.

Samsung tablet fans, it seems will soon be able to have this 10.1N. German online shopping sites, cyberport.de has prized tablet Galaxy 10.1N approximately USD739.

Both companies were involved patent wars, in ten countries on four continents. Last month Apple won a temporary ban on the sale of Galaxy 10.1N tablet Australia with allegations that Samsung copied the design aspects of the iPad.

New news this week delivered a court of Australia, in March 2012 that they would hear the claims Samsung. Samsung said Apple had violated patents 3G, with the ultimate goal of banning sales of the iPhone 4S there.

Nokia will release Windows 8 tablets

ShoutBloger: Nokia will almost certainly plunge into the tablet PC market. Nokia in France confirmed they will introduce a Nokia Windows 8 tablet computer in mid-2012.

In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs with Windows 8 operating systems, said Paul Asselem, Head of Nokia France as quoted by local media.

As quoted from Cnet on Wednesday November 16, 2011, quite reasonable indeed for Nokia and Microsoft was closely collaborating. They have just released a phone that uses the Lumia 800 & Lumia 710 Windows Phone Mango.

Previously, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop also expressed a strong signal that Nokia will release Nokia Windows 8 tablet. According to him, Nokia still has a chance to compete.

Windows 8 itself is designed operating system capable of running smoothly both on PCs and tablet. Unlike Windows 7, which is often considered less well used in tablet computers.

Nokia Windows 8 tablet concept

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich source code revealed

ShoutBloger: Google released the source code of the latest version of the android 4.0, or known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich source code was released earlier this week as part of the Android Open Source Project. Google Software Engineer on this project, Jean-Baptiste M. 'JBQ' Queru, mentions it requires patience.

Because of the large demand, please be patient that we need time to finish. If you attempt to sync before this is finished, you'll get the coffee that is incomplete and can not be used. So, wait until everything is settled before you to sync, said Queru.

He added, as reported by Cnet on Tuesday November 15, 2011, the source code is actually for Android 4.0.1, the version of mobile OS that will be shipped together with the Galaxy Nexus smartphone made by Samsung.

With this step, meaning that developers can begin working on ports for other devices, including the custom firmware for Android 4.0.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nokia collaborated with Qualcomm to create a new Windows phone

ShoutBloger: Latest Nokia Windows-based smartphones will use Qualcomm processors. And reportedly, Qualcomm will not only be a supplier of chips for mobile phones, the two worked together on the design of the handset.

President of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies in Europe, Enrico Salvatori said they are currently working on a roadmap with Nokia, and not just for one device and one launch.

This is an important collaboration with Qualcomm; we are very excited to be working. This is effective for developing mobile market because we were together. This is a successful development, said Salvatori, as quoted by Cellular-news on Monday November 14, 2011.

Nokia Lumia 800, the first Nokia Windows phones, is known to use Qualcomm's single-core processors. In fact, today most mobile phone vendors to switch to dual-core processors, even some of them plan to use quad-core chips for their smartphones.

Qualcomm itself is now providing dual-core processors. The chip company also continues to work on quad-core Snapdragon chip 28nm S4 which had been previously announced. These chips mentioned will increase the speed up to 2.5 GHz.

Eee Pad Transformer Prime the first Tablet with Quad Core processors

ShoutBloger: Asus introduces the new tablet computer, the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Equipped with a quad core processor, Prime Transformer likely to be a tablet with the fastest performance.

Prime Transformer armed with quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3 and OS Android Gingerbread. Asus promises Eee pad tranformer Prime will soon receive Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to Asus, Transformer Prime tablet will be available worldwide in December. The price ranges between USD 500 to USD 600.

Tablets are by far the market like the iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab still relies on a dual core processor. So, Transformer Prime will be the first tablet in the world with quad-core processors.

With four processors of the brain, presumably reasonable if the Eee Pad Tranformer Prime can run applications and multimedia functions more quickly. Prime Transformer is also a gaming platform that is more qualified.

Quad-core also allow the tablet is not just an entertainment device, but able to handle serious applications such as video editing or content. Nvidia Tegra 3 itself declared five times faster than its predecessor, Tegra 2.

Quoted from PCWorld on Sunday November 13, 2011, power consumption is also claimed to be even more efficient because the processor cores can be turned off by the burden of the workload. According to Nvidia, Tegra 3 tablet with the battery can last up to 12 hours.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime also has a dock with a keyboard that can be incorporated seamlessly in the tablet. Screen 10 inch Super IPS technology using 1280x800 resolutions.
Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nokia GEM concept a revolutionary phone design with touchscreen body

ShoutBloger: Along with the rise of Nokia Kinetic design, the Nokia was led to other innovative mobile design, the Nokia GEM concept. This design is unique, where the whole body is the touchscreen.

Not just ordinary touchscreen phone, but the overall body of this phone is touchscreen. No more casing that covers or protects the phone. So to say that body also serves as a screen.

At its developers at Nokia said, the initial idea of this design is that the phone owner can feel more experience with touchscreen display. Jarkko Saunamaki, Senior Design Manager Nokia said the Nokia GEM has the ability to change the appearance, in accordance with the wishes of its owner.

The back and front of the Nokia GEM interconnected. So when the owner of the phone to zoom, then the whole image will fill the mobile phone.
Nokia GEM concept

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Xbox 720 is designed with a processor special

ShoutBloger: Microsoft planning to use ARM-based processor design in its new-generation consoles the Xbox 720. However, there is the possibility of actually installing Microsoft Windows 9 Core in the latest Xbox.

This game console will be labeled as the Xbox 720, Loop or Xbox Next. The system in its chip will come with multifunctional cores dedicated to graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. Design plans for this system created by Microsoft along with two colleagues. Thus was launched through Itproportal on Thursday November 10, 2011.

NVIDIA may be one of those colleagues, given that he had been familiar with the project since Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, also has licensed the ARM. XbitLabs also account for the hire of AMD to ensure compatibility with previous generation consoles, the Xbox 720 even though we imagine could have been a blend of OnLive and the current generation Xbox console.

It is expected that Microsoft will announce console in 2013. Windows 9, it may simply be the first Microsoft platform that can be used for mobile and desktop. Taking into account the speculation that, maybe the Xbox 720 is actually a new kind of smartphone.
Microsoft xbox 720

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ultrabook ready to beat the popularity of tablet

ShoutBloger: Mobile PC market is currently focused on developing Ultrabook in an attempt to beat the popularity of tablets PC like the iPad.

Matthew Wilkins as an analyst of IHS said the tablets are significant strongly inhibits the growth of revenue from the notebook. Something surprising is the tablet on the market next year is projected to begin to experience rapid growth. This is evidenced by an increase in shipments to the world reached 42 percent, starting from 2011 until 2015.

In contrast, the notebook market has entered a stage of saturation, with the percentage of shipments only by 10 percent, in the same period.

To compete with the tablet, notebook should look more attractive to consumers, said Wilkins, as quoted by TG Daily on Wednesday November 9, 2011.

Now that has reversed the expansion of the tablet Notebook platform which previously flourished. Manufacturers PC should now be aware that the notebook should be developed to maintain its market growth. Ultrabook influx, which adopted a number of factors ranging from tablets and excellence in terms of user interface, making the appeal notebook higher, he explained.

Ultrabook shipments are projected at 43 percent which represents the global notebook PC shipments by 2015. For the year 2011 will rise 2 percent and 13 percent in 2012. Rapid increase in shipping ulrabook estimated to occur in 2013 by 28 percent and 2014 by 38 percent.

Ultrabook currently defined as the notebook is very light and thin, with a thickness of less than 0.8 inches. Ultrabook usually runs on operating systems such as PCs, namely Microsoft Windows. However, some tablet features will also be added, such as activation of instant-on that is always connected with a wireless link.

Not only has that, a solid state drive and battery life of more than 8 hours also become a necessity of this device. The latest generation ultrabook be expected to use the touch screen, allowing users to use the notebook as a tablet PC.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Microsoft Xbox 360 sales sold over 57 million units

ShoutBloger: Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console market, including a compelling product. Microsoft has just announced that since Xbox launch until now, the Xbox 360 has sold over 57 million units worldwide.

Popularity of these consoles is not likewise fade. Even in the last nine months, the Xbox 360 is a gaming console with the most sales, beating the rival PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Total sales of the Xbox 360 also beat the PlayStation 3. According to Sony, PS 3 sold a total of 55.5 million units, the excess of 1.5 million units lower than the Xbox 360. It's just that it should be noted that Xbox 360 is available one year longer than PS 3.

Although a bit lost popularity in recent years, the Nintendo Wii U gaming console continues to be the highest total sales. That is 89 million units since its launch.

Nintendo itself was preparing a successor to the Wii, Wii U which is planned to be marketed in mid-2012. Thus, as quoted from DigitalSpy on Tuesday November 8, 2011.

sales of the Xbox 360

HTC will soon prepare a new tablet PC

ShoutBloger: Smartphone vendor HTC Corp will allocate an equally large investment to develop market next year. Taiwanese companies will also be re-excites the tablet market with the release of the HTC latest tablet.

The CEO Peter Chou said, to boost the emerging market through cheap mobile phones, HTC does not mean just removing the image of 'brand premium' that had been attached to the company.

Consumers are willing to pay more, that's why we grow nearly five-fold in China this year. It exposes consumers to support our philosophy, he said as reported by Reuters on Tuesday November 8, 2011.

HTC also revealed the company was still interested in the tablet market. So far, HTC just released one tablet model, HTC Flyer tablet, and prefer to focus on developing mobile phones.

The tablet is a market we wanted to try and test, to see if we can differentiate them and avoid the me-too product, he said.

HTC carved a success during the period 2010 and early 2011. HTC shares jumped more than tripled in 14 months to April 2011. Its sales grew four-fold at one-half years, driven by the growing magnitude of the demand for innovative smartphones.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 8 can already be downloaded on November 8

ShoutBloger: Mozilla will upgrade its flagship Firefox 8 web browser. Most likely these web browsers can be downloaded on November 8.

The latest version of Firefox can be directly connected with Twitter being integrated into the main page. Later Twitter will also appear in the search field that can be accessed more quickly, coupled with a simple update that includes the option to run the auto-load the tab after it first opened in the browser.

In addition, Firefox 8 also will enhance support WebSocket, improvisation tab in the form of animation and additional support for HTML 5. It is quoted Slash Gear on Monday November 7, 2011.

Latest Web browser from Mozilla is also adding stable updates and download links are already available for the first time.

Actually, users can already download it to the Mozilla FTP to version 8.0 now, but this is more risky. For the full download is more secure, the user can wait until the day Tuesday, November 8.
Mozilla Firefox 8

17% of Samsung Smartphones will use Bada OS

ShoutBloger: Although Samsung has always uses the Android operating system for their handsets, but Samsung has not forgotten Bada OS which is homemade. South Korean mobile phone manufacturer will target Bada OS 2.0 will be used on 17% of handsets in 2012.

Next year we hope there are some changes. 2011 is about Android next year there will be 66% on Samsung handsets, while Windows and Bada respectively 17%, said Keith O'Brien as Head of Content at Samsung's Mobile Division.

O'Brien explains Samsung's strategy is to reach as many consumers. Hence they offer a wide choice of OS. He believes next year, Samsung used a third OS, the Android, Bada OS 2.0 and Windows Phone will grow.

Next year the market will increase significantly, with all three platforms will grow at the same time, he said as quoted from the V3 on Monday November 7, 2011.

Samsung is also developing the integration on all electronic devices, such as televisions, tablets and smartphones. Bada OS is rated as the perfect choice because made by Samsung.

Samsung has just introduced the Samsung Bada 2.0 with various additional features. Like push notification and voice recognition technology.

Rumors: iPad 3 will be smaller and stronger

ShoutBloger: Rumors about the iPad 3 leaked. This time the latest generation of iPad is claimed to be using a screen measuring 9.7 inches which is equipped with a display Retina.

iPad 3 which is the latest generation of Apple's tablet indeed reap many rumors before they appear, starting from a lower price, smaller size and timing of its release.

Rumors proceeded by DigiTimes report that stated the iPad 3 will enter mass production and soon launched in the near future, precisely in March 2012.

It seems Apple's latest tablet, will only upgrade some features like a battery that is lighter, but with the use of a longer durability. Similarly, as reported by T3 on Sunday November 6, 2011.

Although iPad 2 is still dominating the global tablet market, but Apple is thinking to make better products.

iPad 3 will be the CPU uses the A6 and by 9.7-inch screen is equipped premises to support the retina display a much better picture.

From some of the rumors mentioned above, most likely the size of the iPad 3 will be smaller and thinner than the iPad 2 which uses a 10.1-inch screens. In addition, battery life iPad 3 also seems to be much longer.

Will this affect the selling price of the cheaper iPad 3? Presumably iPad lovers must remain patient until an official announcement about the specifications of Apple appear and answer all these questions.
iPad 3 Rumors

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Next year Apple will redesign all of their products

ShoutBloger: New rumors indicate Apple plans to redesign all of their products in 2012.

Reportedly the company winds mention the apple logo will give its customers a new design for the iMac desktop, notebook MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad.

As reported by Neowin on Friday November 4, 2011, the report shows the first indication that the product will get the 'treatment' is an achievement iPad tablet sales surpassed sales of other products.

The report also claimed that Apple had contacted the manufacturer supplies the iPad to develop modules and flat panel LED bar-coded for two prototypes iPad J1 and J2.

While it is possible the latest version of the iMac and the iPhone will not be circulated in the market before mid-2012.

Whether the iPad will have a higher screen resolution with a quad core processor? Or could it be the MacBook Air is thinner and lighter? Of course, without detailed instructions we still have to wait for the next news.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yahoo develop applications for tablets and smartphones

ShoutBloger: Yahoo introduced a number of applications that are claimed will enrich the experience of social networking and mobile. This is one of Yahoo's efforts to perform a variety of reforms for the future of his company.

Mentioned company that just fired Carol Bartz as CEO last September, the Yahoo multimedia applications that will soon release it was meant for tablets and smartphones.

Innovations in the realm of this happening in the mobile device first. This is the closest to the user and there is also the place where the fastest growing markets, said Chief Product at Yahoo Blake Irving, quoted by Reuters on Thursday November 3, 2011.

Yahoo introduced a mobile application that include multimedia Newsstand for tablets called Livestand, weather application for Android devices, and IntoNow, the latest social applications related to the television.

Yahoo app has long been criticized for his inattention to consider a comprehensive strategy to attract Internet users. As is known, more and more Internet users are 'away' PCs because it spends more time surfing in tablet or smartphone.
Yahoo appfor tablets and smartphones

Motorola Xoom 2 tablet will comes before Christmas

ShoutBloger: It is not easy to hide the latest news about a product that has been anticipated. Especially when the ads in a magazine revealed the presence of Motorola Xoom 2 tablet.

This is what happened to Motorola Xoom 2 tablet. Someone find ads for Carphone Warehouse Ireland put a picture of Motorola's new tablet that size is smaller. Similarly, as reported by mobilechoiceuk on Thursday November 2, 2011.

When the size of the first generation Xoom is a 10.1-inch, Xoom 2 tablet has a 8.2 inch screen size, complete with Android OS 3.2. Motorola reportedly will also include features HD video shooting, Gorilla Glass screen and a sub-woofer to produce a quality audio.

Motorola Xoom 2 tablet possibility will be present before Christmas this year, because the ad is a pre-Christmas handouts and Xoom 2 16 GB Wi-Fi versions will be priced at 399.90 euros. Many expect the official launch will occur within weeks or days.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

9 Most watched singers on YouTube

ShoutBloger: Internet users must be many who have seen and listened to music videos on YouTube. However, if calculated, about the singer or band where the most watched videos?

The answer is Justin Bieber.This Canadian teen singer successfully won the title of today's most popular singers on YouTube because the video-the video had been viewed a total of two billion times.

According to social media monitoring company Famecount, this is a new milestone for YouTube, where videos are initiated by a person watch in a matter of such great numbers.

Moreover, the perpetrator was a teenager. So that Justin would still have plenty of time to sharpen his record. Stalking in the back of Justin, there are eccentric singer Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Here are 9 The most watched singers on YouTube and is calculated from a collection of videos that exist in the official channels, quoted from Huffingtin Post on Tuesday November 1, 2011:
  1. Justin Bieber Total video has been viewed 2,005,750,829 times as much
  2. Lady Gaga 1.884.714.763 view
  3. Rihanna 1.715.373.887 view
  4. Eminem 1.518.412.058 view
  5. Shakira 1.219.321.792 view
  6. Black Eyed Peas 1.114.831.071 view
  7. Britney Spears 1.016.386.053 view
  8. Beyonce view
  9. Chris Brown 869.800.231 view
Most watched singers on YouTube

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