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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ultrabook ready to beat the popularity of tablet

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ShoutBloger: Mobile PC market is currently focused on developing Ultrabook in an attempt to beat the popularity of tablets PC like the iPad.

Matthew Wilkins as an analyst of IHS said the tablets are significant strongly inhibits the growth of revenue from the notebook. Something surprising is the tablet on the market next year is projected to begin to experience rapid growth. This is evidenced by an increase in shipments to the world reached 42 percent, starting from 2011 until 2015.

In contrast, the notebook market has entered a stage of saturation, with the percentage of shipments only by 10 percent, in the same period.

To compete with the tablet, notebook should look more attractive to consumers, said Wilkins, as quoted by TG Daily on Wednesday November 9, 2011.

Now that has reversed the expansion of the tablet Notebook platform which previously flourished. Manufacturers PC should now be aware that the notebook should be developed to maintain its market growth. Ultrabook influx, which adopted a number of factors ranging from tablets and excellence in terms of user interface, making the appeal notebook higher, he explained.

Ultrabook shipments are projected at 43 percent which represents the global notebook PC shipments by 2015. For the year 2011 will rise 2 percent and 13 percent in 2012. Rapid increase in shipping ulrabook estimated to occur in 2013 by 28 percent and 2014 by 38 percent.

Ultrabook currently defined as the notebook is very light and thin, with a thickness of less than 0.8 inches. Ultrabook usually runs on operating systems such as PCs, namely Microsoft Windows. However, some tablet features will also be added, such as activation of instant-on that is always connected with a wireless link.

Not only has that, a solid state drive and battery life of more than 8 hours also become a necessity of this device. The latest generation ultrabook be expected to use the touch screen, allowing users to use the notebook as a tablet PC.


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