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Sunday, November 6, 2011

17% of Samsung Smartphones will use Bada OS

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ShoutBloger: Although Samsung has always uses the Android operating system for their handsets, but Samsung has not forgotten Bada OS which is homemade. South Korean mobile phone manufacturer will target Bada OS 2.0 will be used on 17% of handsets in 2012.

Next year we hope there are some changes. 2011 is about Android next year there will be 66% on Samsung handsets, while Windows and Bada respectively 17%, said Keith O'Brien as Head of Content at Samsung's Mobile Division.

O'Brien explains Samsung's strategy is to reach as many consumers. Hence they offer a wide choice of OS. He believes next year, Samsung used a third OS, the Android, Bada OS 2.0 and Windows Phone will grow.

Next year the market will increase significantly, with all three platforms will grow at the same time, he said as quoted from the V3 on Monday November 7, 2011.

Samsung is also developing the integration on all electronic devices, such as televisions, tablets and smartphones. Bada OS is rated as the perfect choice because made by Samsung.

Samsung has just introduced the Samsung Bada 2.0 with various additional features. Like push notification and voice recognition technology.

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