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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

9 Most watched singers on YouTube

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ShoutBloger: Internet users must be many who have seen and listened to music videos on YouTube. However, if calculated, about the singer or band where the most watched videos?

The answer is Justin Bieber.This Canadian teen singer successfully won the title of today's most popular singers on YouTube because the video-the video had been viewed a total of two billion times.

According to social media monitoring company Famecount, this is a new milestone for YouTube, where videos are initiated by a person watch in a matter of such great numbers.

Moreover, the perpetrator was a teenager. So that Justin would still have plenty of time to sharpen his record. Stalking in the back of Justin, there are eccentric singer Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Here are 9 The most watched singers on YouTube and is calculated from a collection of videos that exist in the official channels, quoted from Huffingtin Post on Tuesday November 1, 2011:
  1. Justin Bieber Total video has been viewed 2,005,750,829 times as much
  2. Lady Gaga 1.884.714.763 view
  3. Rihanna 1.715.373.887 view
  4. Eminem 1.518.412.058 view
  5. Shakira 1.219.321.792 view
  6. Black Eyed Peas 1.114.831.071 view
  7. Britney Spears 1.016.386.053 view
  8. Beyonce view
  9. Chris Brown 869.800.231 view
Most watched singers on YouTube

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