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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Samsung redesign Galaxy 10.1 for the German market

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ShoutBloger: Samsung has modified the design of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablets, as a follow-up to Apple's allegations of patent infringement in Germany. The tablets now have a new name, which is 10.1N.

Reported by Yahoo News on Thursday November 17, 2011, Samsung Galaxy 10.1N only have a few differences compared to version 10.1, which is banned in shops in Germany. Galaxy tablet 10.N in Germany now has some differences, such as the presence of a metal frame.

According to blogger Foss Patent, Florian Mueller, with the presence of this modification will help to avoid claims Apple Samsung. Apple claims the tablet violates intellectual property rights related to the design, so it banned in September.

It seems that this design resulted from collaboration between Samsung and German lawyer’s product design group, said Mueller.

Samsung tablet fans, it seems will soon be able to have this 10.1N. German online shopping sites, cyberport.de has prized tablet Galaxy 10.1N approximately USD739.

Both companies were involved patent wars, in ten countries on four continents. Last month Apple won a temporary ban on the sale of Galaxy 10.1N tablet Australia with allegations that Samsung copied the design aspects of the iPad.

New news this week delivered a court of Australia, in March 2012 that they would hear the claims Samsung. Samsung said Apple had violated patents 3G, with the ultimate goal of banning sales of the iPhone 4S there.

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