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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 8 can already be downloaded on November 8

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ShoutBloger: Mozilla will upgrade its flagship Firefox 8 web browser. Most likely these web browsers can be downloaded on November 8.

The latest version of Firefox can be directly connected with Twitter being integrated into the main page. Later Twitter will also appear in the search field that can be accessed more quickly, coupled with a simple update that includes the option to run the auto-load the tab after it first opened in the browser.

In addition, Firefox 8 also will enhance support WebSocket, improvisation tab in the form of animation and additional support for HTML 5. It is quoted Slash Gear on Monday November 7, 2011.

Latest Web browser from Mozilla is also adding stable updates and download links are already available for the first time.

Actually, users can already download it to the Mozilla FTP to version 8.0 now, but this is more risky. For the full download is more secure, the user can wait until the day Tuesday, November 8.
Mozilla Firefox 8

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