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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nokia GEM concept a revolutionary phone design with touchscreen body

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ShoutBloger: Along with the rise of Nokia Kinetic design, the Nokia was led to other innovative mobile design, the Nokia GEM concept. This design is unique, where the whole body is the touchscreen.

Not just ordinary touchscreen phone, but the overall body of this phone is touchscreen. No more casing that covers or protects the phone. So to say that body also serves as a screen.

At its developers at Nokia said, the initial idea of this design is that the phone owner can feel more experience with touchscreen display. Jarkko Saunamaki, Senior Design Manager Nokia said the Nokia GEM has the ability to change the appearance, in accordance with the wishes of its owner.

The back and front of the Nokia GEM interconnected. So when the owner of the phone to zoom, then the whole image will fill the mobile phone.
Nokia GEM concept

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