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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nokia will release Windows 8 tablets

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ShoutBloger: Nokia will almost certainly plunge into the tablet PC market. Nokia in France confirmed they will introduce a Nokia Windows 8 tablet computer in mid-2012.

In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs with Windows 8 operating systems, said Paul Asselem, Head of Nokia France as quoted by local media.

As quoted from Cnet on Wednesday November 16, 2011, quite reasonable indeed for Nokia and Microsoft was closely collaborating. They have just released a phone that uses the Lumia 800 & Lumia 710 Windows Phone Mango.

Previously, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop also expressed a strong signal that Nokia will release Nokia Windows 8 tablet. According to him, Nokia still has a chance to compete.

Windows 8 itself is designed operating system capable of running smoothly both on PCs and tablet. Unlike Windows 7, which is often considered less well used in tablet computers.

Nokia Windows 8 tablet concept

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