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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Internet Explorer usage dropped below 50% in 2012

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ShoutBloger: According to latest data from Net Applications, an estimated amount of use of Internet Explorer (IE) will decline to below 50 percent in May 2012.

As quoted from Digital Trends on Sunday September 4, 2011, the position of Internet Explorer goes down. Within the last 10 months, Microsoft has lost 5 percent of the browser market, while Google's Chrome has risen by 6%.

The only bright spot for Microsoft is probably the use of Internet Explorer 9 which rose 2 percent, from July to August 2011. Unfortunately the use Internet E9 limited to Windows Vista and Windows 7. In addition, there is also limited access to IE8 for Windows XP users.

From the entire operating system, now Internet Explorer 8 is the most popular browser with a figure of 30 per cent market share. Followed by Chromium 13 in second place with 11 percent, and Internet Explorer 6 in third position with 10 percent.

Google Chrome boom in the top three according to analysts due to Google's ability to continue to upgrade its browser technology without disturbing the users.

For Mozilla Firefox, still remain stagnant over the last 10 months. Mozilla has also altered the browser launch cycles become more regular. Then for Apple's Safari, since last year is slowly continue to add markets.

While the Opera browser seems diminished, figures achievement of Opera in the browser market declined from 2.42% (September 2010), to 1.68% (August 2011).

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