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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Microsoft Claims Internet Explorer 9 Success

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After Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) and claims it with a successful outcome. Of the indications, internet explorer is currently installed at 3.6% a computer running Microsoft latest operating system “Windows 7”.

As quoted from the V3, Saturday 2 April 2011, the figure is considered as a separate success by Microsoft. Therefore, the amount exceeds the initial performance of Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7.

Just two weeks we release Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) and within a short time has seen a positive reaction in the global sphere, claims Ryan Gavin, Senior Director of Internet Explorer Business and Marketing.

Gavin optimistic Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) will continue to attract support. The data itself comes from Net Applications where the market share Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) in Windows 7 to reach 3.6% by the end of March. This is five times higher compared to IE 8 in the period of a month since its launch.

However, if viewed from the overall browser market in all operating systems, the market of all versions of Internet Explorer is still showing a decline. Although still dominate the market, Internet Explorer in March got Raihan 55.9%, down 0.85% from the previous month.

Though the rival shows up trend. Google Chrome now has a 11.6% market share globally, a record high. While Firefox is also coming out the newest version Firefox 4, now has 21.8% market share. Then Safari achieve 6.6% market pie.

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